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I’ll Never Care About Shaun White

Let me just say that I have nothing personal against Shaun White.  I’m sure he’s a fine human being and I have no problem with him at all.  What I do have a problem with, is the way in which he’s shoved down my throat as an amazing athlete.  I know he’s a phenomenal talent, and I respect him for his hard work and success, but please don’t expect me to give a damn about him as an athlete.

I think that snowboarding and skateboarding are both entertaining sports, but like golfers, I don’t consider snowboarders or skateboarders to be true athletes.  So don’t expect me to be in awe of Shaun White as an amazing athlete, because I don’t think he’s an athlete at all.  Tremendously skilled, yes, but a tremendous athlete, no.  I know I could never do what Shaun White does, but that’s not because I don’t have the physical tools to do so.

Talented, yes. Athlete, no.

When I think of the word ‘athlete,’ I think of a person who has an amazing array of raw physical talents – speed, strength, jumping ability, quickness, etc.  I consider LeBron James or Usain Bolt to be great athletes, because they can run faster than me, jump higher than me, lift more weight than me, and either man could beat me to death with his bare hands if he wanted to.  No amount of practice or effort would ever give me the same physical abilities as these men.

I don’t consider Shaun White to be an amazing athlete because I don’t think he has any more raw physical talent than the average guy.  I view him much as I would the world’s greatest juggler or pool player – a highly skilled curiosity, but not a fantastic athlete.

Editors note:  More things James will never care about can be found here.

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65 thoughts on “I’ll Never Care About Shaun White

  1. Spot on. I think Shaun White seems like a generally good guy, but his athletic prowess is a little overblown. Of course that’s the case with the athletes in a lot of winter “sports.”

  2. Zack P on said:

    yeah, i’m pretty sure i can take shaun white in a fight…and a game of pool, for that matter.

  3. He’s Tony Hawk on snow.

  4. Aaron B on said:

    Good stuff JD. I agree with ya for the most part. I don’t know about golfers though. Being able to concentrate and really be “in the zone” like the top golfers in the world have to be to win, is borderline athleticism to me. I’ve never boarded though so i dont really know what it takes… but if we’re gonna compare it to its snowless counterpart skateboarding… ive seen some dudes on skateboards that don’t look exactly like Michael Phelps or Bo Jackson. Bam Margera comes to mind.

    White is doing it though, and he’s stepping up when the pressure is on… so you can’t hate him too much. As usual, it’s just over-covered on the sports and news stations b/c they have anything of substance to talk about… and since they dont really know about ANYTHING they just kinda bullshit with some bullshit stuff about some person or event being “the greatest ever” or “world-class” just so they can keep their job and ignore the fact that they know absolutely jackshit about almost everything. I mean, you have these announcers that do this once every four friggin years… how could they possibly be that up on snowboarding.

  5. Oh Yeah on said:


  6. Claire on said:

    Before you open your mouth you may want to review each and every word you say. Every word I read above was probably the most bull I have read today. If you say you are such a good “athlete” then lets see you show off your athletic abilities in snowboarding. In my opinion anyone that has to practice on something for along period of time is considered an athlete. May it be math or soccer each require a strong level of skill in some way.

    • Several problems here:

      1) It’s the authors opinion. You were not forced to read it (although we are happy that you did).

      2) James never claims to be a good athlete or an athlete of any kind

      3) By your logic, someone like Stephen Hawking would be considered the greatest athlete of all time b/c he’s such a brilliant physicist. That’s absurd.

    • James S. on said:

      First of all, I never claimed to be a great athlete. Secondly, I admitted that I could never do what Shaun White does, because he is tremendously skilled. And finally, I said that I respect him for his hard work and practice, because what he does is not easy, by any stretch of the imagination. I just don’t think he possesses the kind of amazing raw physical ability that great athletes have. Also, just because someone spends a lot of time practicing something, that does not qualify them as an athlete. B.B. King is a hell of a guitar player, and I’m sure it took lots of practice for him to be that good, but I don’t think anyone would be foolish enough to call B.B. King an athlete. If you disagree, that’s your right. Thanks for reading and commenting though. Maybe you and I will agree on something in the future.

  7. Hmm. You say you consider Bolt to be an athlete because he has something you do not, and will never have. However White’s ability is something you feel, with enough time, support, and determination, you could replicate.

    Assuming all of this is true, why don’t we have dozens of Shawn White’s crowding up the Winter Olympics with near perfect halfpipe scores? It’s because you don’t have the determination to go out and be that, if you did, you would. There’s millions of dollars in sponsorship money in it for you.

    White is an athlete because he trained hard, for years, to be what he is. He put in the hard work, like Bolt did, getting up from many failed attempts.

    I see what your saying, that at the raw end of it: strength, speed, stamina, these are all basic human qualities that we can compare and compete with. But to say all of athletics must be reduced to these things in order to be considered athletics?

    The argument isn’t strong enough for me.

    • Isn’t that the point he’s making, though? If someone did have the determination of Shaun White then there’s a chance to be Shaun White. No one an question White’s determination or skill for that matter. However, no amount of determination can give someone the raw skills to be a sprinter like Bolt.

  8. James S. on said:

    Here’s a hypothetical scenario that proves my point. Let’s pretend we can assemble a cornucopia of top “athletes” from across the world of sports. And let’s pretend we can get them all to compete in an ultimate test of athleticism. We’ll get LeBron James and Rajon Rondo to represent basketball; Reggie Bush and Ray Lewis to represent football; Ichiro Suzuki and Derek Jeter for baseball; Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin for hockey; Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador for cycling; Micheal Phelps and Cesar Cielo for swimming; Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for soccer; Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao to represent boxing; and Shaun White and Travis Rice for snowboarding.

    Now, in this competition, we’d have to eliminate sport specific biases. By that I mean, we won’t have anyone do anything that is too specific to their sport. For example, there would be nothing involving ice skating because the hockey players would obviously dominate that event. So, in order to determine who has the most raw physical abilities, we’ll have to measure things that everyone can do, such as running, jumping, feats of strength, tests of endurance, etc.

    Our competition would therefore include a 100 meter sprint, a 10K run, a high jump, a long jump, various events to test strength, etc. In fact, we could actually just have them all compete in a decathlon. That is probably the best way to measure pure athletic ability. And if we had this dream decathlon, do you know who would SURELY finish at the bottom? The two snowboarders, that’s who. (Sorry, but anyone who contests this point is obviously an idiot.) Do you know why? Because out of all those athletes I mentioned, the snowboarders are the slowest, weakest, and least conditioned; and they are not true athletes, they’re just tremendously skilled. I respect their skill and determination, but I consider Shaun White or Travis Rice to be about as much of an athlete as I do Phil Taylor, the World Darts Champion.

  9. Rachel K. on said:

    woah woah woah. i just cant take what you wrote. the snowboarders would probably rank above most of those other sports in your event thing. apparently you have never been snowboarding because it takes a lot more than “skill and determination” to do jumps or even just to snowboard down a bunny-slope. what you wrote is completely untrue and i guess you didn’t do any research before you went and said that they dont have physical strength. do you even know how much leg muscles and core muscles snowboarders have?. im just guessing that you have never even watched anyone snowboard before because you usually see them out of breath after their run because it is hard work. so before you go say snowboarders are not athletes go out and try the sport first because i bet you couldn’t even go boarding for 30 minutes without your muscles aching and waking up completely sore in the morning.

  10. James S. on said:

    First of all, I never said that pro snowboarders weren’t fit. Of course they’re in good shape, and surely in much better shape than me and most of the other average guys around the country. But to say that they are athletically on par with those other athletes I mentioned is crazy. Also, I never said that snowboarding wasn’t physically taxing. I know it wears you out after you do it, but so does salsa dancing. Even though salsa dancers are in great shape, I don’t think they’re exactly world class athletes.

    Since you claim that I have absolutely no knowledge of snowboarding, let me ask you a few questions to test your knowledge about how real athletes train: Do you honestly think that Shaun White can run faster, jump higher, jump farther and lift more weight than someone like Lebron James or Reggie Bush? If you do, then you’re a lunatic. Have you ever been in a Division 1 college football weight room and watched the players work out? Do you think Shaun White can bench press double his body weight, or stand flat-footed and jump 40 inches off the ground. Do you think he has the quickness, speed, and agility of a Reggie Bush or Rajon Rondo. Hell no.

    I could keep this up forever, but you have obviously proven that you know NOTHING about real athletics because in your reply you stated, “the snowboarders would probably rank above most of those other sports in your event thing.” Like my grandfather used to tell me: “Son, you’ve done nothing when you’ve bested a fool.” How very true.

    • Madi on said:

      did u seriously compare snowboarding to salsa dancing.? yea cuz salsa dancing is on the same level as boarding, ura joke. and y wud he have to work out his arms when the sport is in your abs, legs and back.? do you think runners work out their arms cuz it makes them run faster.? cuz what does arms do with running. if you think arms make u a better runner then YOUR a lunatic. and also not only is snowboarding considered a sport, its considered an EXTREME sport. basketball, football, swimming,,,,all of those put together arent as extreme as snowboarding.
      and if you think i know nothing about boarding, ive been riding 5 years, and i have gained so much muscle since i’ve started. but no, i cant lift double my weight, but y wud i need to.? i dont ride with my arms, thats just ridiculous.!

  11. Madi on said:

    ok, im not a fan of shuan white, but he is an athlete..! do u snowboard.? do you know the strength it takes to go off each jump.? you use you abdominals, thighs, back and calves. do you know how much strength it takes to just have a good posture on a snowboard…let alone flipping with the same posture. snowboarding does take strength, hard work, muscle, flexibility and everything inbetween. i dont think u shud judge to athletics of snowboarding til you get on a board, and tell me the next morning u werent sore as hell. cuz if u arent sore, obvioulsy u werent doing it right

    • James S. on said:

      Take a basketball away from Lebron James, and he’s still an amazing athlete. His body is still capable of doing things that normal people can’t even dream about. Same goes for Reggie Bush – take away his pads, and he’s still a remarkable physical specimen. I could make the same case for all those other athletes I mentioned. Take the snowboard away from Shaun White, however, and he’s just another guy folding T-shirts at Pac Sun.

      • Madi on said:

        ummm….idk if u know this but if u take away a sport from an athlete he’s no longer considered nan athlete….and he prob has great leg back and ab muscles. just cuz he doesnt work out his arms means nothing. he doesnt need tht. lik i said u dont snowboard with ur amrs, its a dead muscle in the sport, except for grabs. and even thn he still has fair arms…maybe u shud take a step back cuz if ur saying u need to be jacked to be an athlete, well thn idk…u shud go good what “athlete” rele means

  12. James S. on said:

    Well, first of all, I’m glad you read my post. I’m sorry you disagree with me, but that’s no reason to call me a dick. Oh, and by the way, just because someone has an olympic medal doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a true athlete. You and I both know that despite the fact that curling is an olympic sport, the people that participate in that sport are sure as hell not athletes. You can’t argue with that. Thanks for checking out our blog; maybe you and I can agree on something in the future. (NOTE: This was an e-mail response to a rather nasty comment, which doesn’t actually appear on the blog. Just letting you know, so you won’t think I’m a raving lunatic that argues with people who don’t exist.)

    • I deleted that moron’s comment

      • samantha on said:

        i kinda think ur all morons. like know ur facts b4 u go againt them. i bet ur all old ppl mostly cause its the older generation that frowns apon snowboarding. it took snowboarding 50yrs to get where it is today. alotta hard work, breaking the rules, and being free to turn a simple peice of wood into a sport. and u do need speed. u look at snowboarding as only the halfpipe, but what about freeride, freestyle, slopestyle, snowboardcross…and the parallel….some of those do require SPEED… some thinking b4 u go against a sport who worked harder thn anyother sport just to be taken seriously

      • You make little sense, so I’ll mostly ignore this. Other than to say that we’re all under 30, and yes we understand that there are different forms of snowboarding. Unfortunately, that has nothing to do with the point made in the original post.

    • Madi on said:

      the problem is your going against facts. ur one of those ppl who observe but dont know. u say shaun white isnt buff enough…but he does HALFPIPE. if he was a muscular beast it wud go against him. he’d lose height. the heavier u are the faster gravity pulls u down. look at ppl who do snowboard cross, they want more weight, cuz they want less air time b.c u get more speed on the ground and nt in the air…think about it. apolo ohno isnt the biggest atlete around here either, but hes still pretty good

      • You are kinda just arguing with yourself at this point. It’s obvious that you don’t agree, but it’s his opinion. Thanks for checking out the site anyway.

  13. James S. on said:

    This is the last thing I’ll write about this post because it’s like beating a dead horse at this point. In summation, all I’m saying is that Shaun White is tremendously skilled, there’s no question that he’s an amazing talent. But I don’t think he’s an athlete because his body is not a highly tuned machine.

    I’m not basing my definition of an athlete purely on muscles or size either; don’t get hung up on muscles or being ripped, because Lance Armstrong isn’t buff either. Lance Armstrong’s skinny body is conditioned to near perfection though. During the mountainous stages of the Tour de France, the cyclists are burning an amazing amount of calories every single day – it’s almost the equivalent of running a marathon every day. They have to be in absolutely fantastic shape. Same thing goes for soccer players, who typically run an average of 7 or 8 miles in one match.

    Now, my point is that to be an athlete, you must be able to do amazing things with ONLY your body. Those amazing things may be God given, such as strength, speed, size, quickness, explosiveness; or they may be something that you train for, such as endurance, physical toughness, or lung capacity. Some might argue that Lance Armstrong isn’t anything without his bike. This isn’t true. I’ve studied exercise physiology for years, and I’ll tell you that his VO2 capacity, which is essentially his ability to take in and process oxygen efficiently, is so incredible that it’s almost not human. Because of this, you can take the bike away from him and he can still perform any type of aerobic exercise far longer than even extremely fit people, including Shaun White.

    I’m not saying that snowboarding isn’t a sport or that Shaun White doesn’t deserve respect for his accomplishments, because he does. I’m also aware that you have to be in good shape to be a snowboarder. It’s obvious that Shaun White doesn’t have the raw physical ability of someone like Usain Bolt, Lebron James, or Adrian Peterson, but it’s also obvious that his body isn’t conditioned like Lance Armstrong’s or Lionel Messi’s either. This is why I don’t respect him as an athlete.

    If you think that Shaun White’s body is in the same impeccable condition as Lance Armstrong’s body, then you’ve got a lot of research to do. Seriously, go talk to an exercise physiologist, and they’ll set you straight. And if you think that Shaun White could compete with Usain Bolt, Lebron James, or Adrian Peterson in any sort of purely physical contest, then you are on drugs. In many of these comments people tell me to do research before I open my mouth; well, like I said, by studying exercise physiology for years, I HAVE studied the most amazing physical specimens in the world – and snowboarders are not among them. My argument is based on science, while yours is based on emotion.

    • samantha on said:

      so u studied the facts of snowboarding? cuz u didnt ssay that…did u study shaun white? cuz u didnt say that. u just said u studied al these other athletes but not shaun’s. i mean i kinda not really get what ur saying but shaun puts al of his energy into this sport. and without his board he’d still be fast. he probably runs for training. build up those leg muscles.

      • James S. on said:

        Was that even English? In the future, if you’re going to reply to a comment on here, please try and write in complete sentences, if you can. After all, this isn’t a text message.

  14. All further nonsensical comments on this post will be deleted. If you have a legitimate argument for/against the author’s opinion then fine. If you choose to post a comment in text message format or have nothing interesting or intelligent to say, your comment will be deleted. Thanks

  15. James S. on said:

    Okay, in all seriousness, this will be my last response to this post, unless someone brings up an extremely interesting point that has, up to this point, been left unmentioned.

    I mentioned that I studied exercise physiology for several years, and that during those years, we studied world-class athletes like Lance Armstrong and Usain Bolt; that’s actually when I first heard about Usain Bolt, a couple of years before his amazing performance in the Olympics. (By the way, the exercise physiology program in which I studied is one of the top ten exercise physiology programs in the entire U. S. – it was ranked #7 when I was in it.) The whole reason we didn’t study people like Shaun White is because he isn’t really that interesting to an exercise physiologist. We were concerned with the extreme physical possibilites of the human body: strengh, speed, endruance, VO2 capacity, etc. Therefore, we studied athletes that had bodies capable of doing amazing things.

    Shaun White is capable of doing amazing things ONLY while on a board; his BODY itself is not a marvel of human anatomy or physiology. And I’ll say it once more, he’s wonderfully skilled, but he does not have the physical gifts of a true world-class athlete.

  16. Aaron B on said:

    I joined the party kinda late here, but it was good reading. Shaun White is not on par with any of the “great” athletes mentioned. I’ve done no research (other than renting a snowboard for about 30 minutes 12 years ago), snowboarding sucks ass, and every time Shaun ginger White is on the TV, I turn it off. In summary, I’ll be the close-minded, unobservant, old guy, and say: shaun white is NOT an elite athlete. Could I do what he can do? Hell no. Could most division one male athletes do what he does from a purely physical standpoint, most likely.

    ps. real men ski

  17. Aaron B on said:

    haha. Well, any attention is good attention. Sorry ladies. I know that he’s such a sexy freckly pot of juicy red douchey-ness… that still doesn’t make him an elite athlete. Now go scoot your dumbass around on one foot and stop sitting down in front of the lift. Real men are trying to ski here. 🙂

  18. Again, if your comments are posted at a middle school level, they will be deleted. It’s not a text message, kids.

  19. danni on said:

    i think you just don’t like Shaun. Otherwise you would have said “Why I will never care about Snowboarding”.

  20. betsy on said:

    i consider shaun white as a athlete because technically, snowboarding is a sport. However, i don’t consider skateboarding as a sport. Either way, he did compete in the olympics, and all of the competitions in the olypics are sports. Shaun White is very talented.

  21. betsy on said:

    i agree with danni also.

  22. danni on said:

    do you consider skiing a sport? i mean you’ve only been babbling about snowboarding. nothing about skiing. if snowboarding isnt a sport, neither is skiing.

  23. Roxy on said:

    a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill.

    Shaun White is an athlete. You can denounce it all you want. Shaun competes in a sport therefore he is an athlete.

    I think its unfair to compare him to other athletes and other sports that are in no way related to what he does. He trains based on what he needs to be successful at his sport. Why would he train to build muscle and extreme strength when that’s not required in his sport? Shaun has agility. Shaun has endurance. Shaun has strength. Snowboarding and skateboarding requires all three of those to pump the walls of the pipe to get those 20 foot airs ABOVE the pipe.

    Because Shaun may not be able to run a marathon (though he might), you’re denouncing him as an athlete? Because Shaun can’t bench press twice his body weight, he’s not an athlete?

    I know I’m extremely late to the party, but I just wanted to put my two cents in. When you claim a participant of a sport they are involved in is not athletic, you will get some backlash from it.

    Again, I don’t think its fair to harshly judge Shaun’s athleticism because he can’t certain things that are in no relation to HIS sport.

    • This may be the first intelligent and reasonable comment we have received on this post since the beginning. Definitely better than the typical “YOU JUST HATE SHAUN WHITE, OMG OMG!!!!” And for that, we thank you

    • madi on said:

      IVE BEEN SAYING THIS ALLL ALONG AND YOU KEPT DELETING IT! i may not have added the definition but i did say the main idea of what she’s saying. i said there is absolutely no point for him to build up arm strength when most of boarding involves back, abdominal, thighs and calves. it would be pointless and in the end go against him. you want to be more lightweight on the half pipe because you want the air. just like when you race on a board you wont the weight to pull you down better. I’ve said this like 3 times and each time someone deleted it. whatever.

      • Difference is that your posts are written in the form of a teenager sending text messages.

      • madi on said:

        i don’t think i went on to posting something so you can find it grammatically correct. I was making a point. The exact same point you called “intelligent”. And by the way, not everything you say is correct either.

      • Enough, kid.

    • James S. on said:

      Roxy, I have to admit that you make some very valid points. Although I still adhere to the majority of my argument, I do think you raise some interesting questions and your position does carry some weight. Thanks for writing an intelligent, well-written, and thoughtful resonse to my post. I appreciate it.

  24. danni on said:

    “A sport is commonly defined as an organized, competitive, and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play. It is governed by a set of rules or customs. In a sport the key factors are the physical capabilities and skills of the competitor when determining the outcome (winning or losing). The physical activity involves the movement of people, animals and/or a variety of objects such as balls and machines. In contrast, games such as card games and board games, though these could be called mind sports, require only mental skills. Non-competitive activities such as jogging and rock-climbing, are usually classified as recreations.”

    So if someone does a sport, aren’t they considered athletes? and if that is the definition of a “sport” doesn’t snowboarding fit? I mean they compete towards a goal in which they train for. Train HARD for. Toning their body to a certain degree so they aren’t to weak, but they aren’t strong enough for their muscle to go against them. And in snowboarding depending on what you do decides on what body part you train. or how you work out. You are comparing snowboarding to other sports and other athletes. So yes, maybe people who play basketball can lift more, or people who run have stronger lungs. But if you look at snowboarding as a sport all it’s own, isn’t considered a sport? Aren’t people who snowboard and compete athletes? Maybe not athletes like people you mentioned, but they ARE in-fact athletes.

    • Under this definition of “sport,” something such as billiards would be considered a sport. Does that make billiards players athletes? I, and I think most people, would say no. The main disagreement seems to over whether participating in a “sport” automatically makes you an “athlete.” The author, and myself, would argue that is not necessarily true. You, and others, obviously disagree. That is fair, and we do thank you for coming to the blog anyway.

      • danni on said:

        that would be considered a recreational sport. and did you read the whole second half? Because you seem to completely ignore the whole point I was trying to make.

      • Your definition reads as follows:
        “A sport is commonly defined as an organized, competitive, and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play. It is governed by a set of rules or customs. In a sport the key factors are the physical capabilities and skills of the competitor when determining the outcome (winning or losing). The physical activity involves the movement of people, animals and/or a variety of objects such as balls and machines. ”

        I’m not sure what your point is. This obviously includes billiards due to physical capabilities and the movement of balls. The second part goes on to define recreations as those which involve only mental skills (board games, etc.). Billiards is not a board game and involves more than mental skill. So I’m not at all certain what your point is here. Try again

      • danni on said:

        “You are comparing snowboarding to other sports and other athletes. So yes, maybe people who play basketball can lift more, or people who run have stronger lungs. But if you look at snowboarding as a sport all it’s own, isn’t considered a sport? Aren’t people who snowboard and compete athletes? Maybe not athletes like people you mentioned, but they ARE in-fact athletes.” focus in on that. you know, MY MAIN POINT.

  25. peirce on said:

    Lets for a second compare sports to school subjects. ok? so basically there are TONS of subjects one can learn. Math, english, science, global, history, french, science etc. So if we were to focus in on subjects like math and science, which have similar aspects, would probably say they are nothing like english or spanish. But that DOESNT mean english and spanish shouldn’t be considered a school subject. They are both something you have to learn and study for. You have to study if you want to be good at it. But to study math you don’t open up your spanish notebook, right? So now lets pretend sports are the “school subjects”. And studying is equivalent to training. And each individual subject is a sport. So yes basketball and baseball (math and science) are sports and you do train hard to become good at, but that doesnt mean snowboarding (english) shouldnt be considered a sport because its not like basketball and baseball. If you want to be good at snowboarding you dont want to go to the gym and lift weights, just like if you want to be good at basketball you dont learn flips and get flexible. So yes, i consider snowboarding a sport. And I do consider shaun an athlete. But why should he be excluded from being considered an athlete because when you compare him to athletes from other sports he cant lift or run more? He’s flexible, his leg muscles and back muscles are strong as hell. Lets get basketball players land flips.

    • danni on said:

      i agree! if you try to compare snowboarding with a sport that is nothing like it, of course you’re going to conclude it’s not a sport

      • peirce on said:

        exactly. They wont accept this as a sport because they are only looking at it from one angle. But it doesn’t matter, they are to hard-headed to admit it’s a sport.

  26. barbora on said:

    My best friend!!! 🙂

  27. you’re a bitch dude. anyone who can snowboard like shaun white can is definitely an athlete. let’s see you do the shit he does. then maybe you can talk shit on him. lol biootcchhhh

    • James S. on said:

      Well, I guess reading isn’t really your strong suit is it? If you actually read my original post, you should remember that I wrote that I could never do what Shaun White does, and that I believe he’s tremendously talented and skilled – just not a true athlete like a LeBron James or Usain Bolt. I even consider snowboarding and skateboarding to be real sports. I just don’t think snowboarders or skateboarders are physically on par with athletes in sports such as basketball, football, track & field, soccer, etc. Now, before you reply to this, go back and read the original post (you’ll probably need to read it several times). And, while you’re at it, try reading a book once in a while, you fucking idiot.

    • Very insightful. Hope high school is going well for you

      • James S. on said:

        Well said Nate. I didn’t even really want to dignify that asshole’s post with a response, but I just couldn’t help myself. If the replies to this post are any indication of our nation’s intelligence or reading comprehension skills, we are totally fucked. Better start learning Mandarin.

  28. The entire article seems like an excuse for you to talk about Shaun White. Besides that.. Do you really have any idea what kind of training it takes to become a top ATHLETE like Shaun White? I’m sure he can run faster, jump higher and definitely lift more weight than you. People seem to think snowboarders are just at the bar when they’re not on their boards. They are athletes, they train. Pretty simple. Especially an Olympic Athlete like Shaun White… Olympic athletes go through some VERY intense training. Training that they live & breath for an entire year before the Olympics. Training that no regular joe could ever do. The balance and weight shifting that is involved in riding is hard enough, let alone spinning two different ways while you’re in the air, and making sure you land it.
    Just because you don’t like snowboarding or golf, doesn’t mean it’s not a sport. Go back to watching nascar.

    • What could possibly lead you to assume that the author is a NASCAR fan? If he doesn’t find snowboarding to be a sport, then it’s quite likely he feels the same about NASCAR. Of course, that would have required you to think logically. Enjoy the rest of your school day.

  29. Maybe you would care more about Shaun White if you had kids interested in snowboarding. Whatever your definition of Athlete is, who cares? It’s your opinion. Like it or not, Shaun is a role model to lots of little kids. And I bet he’s not taking steriods to be superior at his sport. I’d rather have my kid on the slopes than running the street!

  30. In snowboarding you are working A LOT of muscles.
    Core Muscles: Since snowboarding requires exceptional balance, your core muscles will constantly be in use while boarding. Core muscles include abdomen muscles as well as lower and middle back muscles.
    Foot and Ankle Muscles: One of the most common injuries in snowboarding involve ankles. Because your feet are connected to the board, your feet and ankle muscles will be working to help you make cuts and turns. Your foot contains more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, and these muscles need strength for you to be a better boarder.
    Upper Leg Muscles: Both your hamstrings and your quadriceps play a large part in snowboarding. While these muscles do not control your direction as much as your foot and ankle muscles, they are the muscles most used when boarding downhill.
    Hip and Glute Muscles: Hip and glute muscles are also important to boarding. These muscles help you steer and carve. Do not forget to work out these muscles in the gym before hitting the slopes to avoid unnecessary soreness.
    PLUS you lose about 450 calories AN HOUR just by riding the slopes. So you train by working the muscles listed and gain balance. Training like that YOU’RE AN ATHLETE You go to the gym and work all those muscles THEN go on the slopes and snowboard. Even THEN it takes some skill.

    • Again, author never stated that he wasn’t a well conditioned person or was not in great shape. Of course he’s well conditioned, and of course he’s in shape. Working out a lot doesn’t necessarily make you an athlete. There’s all kinds of guys at my gym who basically live there, but they’re not necessarily athletic.

  31. Shutting down comments on this post, b/c most are sophomoric. Thanks, kids….

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