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The Moon is So 20th Century

So today, the Prez announced his plan to end Constellation which was Dubya’s plan to once again land humans on the moon.  While I understand astronauts or people working for NASA being upset about this (Neil Armstrong is pissssed), does anyone else actually care?  The first moon landing was over 40 years ago. I’m really not interested in seeing us go back.  Some people, like this guy, claim that the U.S. will now have to swallow its pride when China lands on the moon in 2020.  Really??!! We are supposed to be embarrassed because China is able to finally do something 51 years after we did.  Been there, done that China…6 times!!  Having said all of this, can we get to fucking Mars already?!

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2 thoughts on “The Moon is So 20th Century

  1. James S. on said:

    I think going back to the moon is a little silly too, since we’ve already done that, but I also remember hearing somewhere that going back to the moon is the first actual step in going Mars. The theory goes, that we need the the moon as a sort of practice run in order to get us back in the swing of real space exploration, because we literally scrapped all of the technology and equipment from the Apollo era for this ridiculous Space Shuttle & Space Station junk we have now. I don’t really care about the moon one way or another, because all I really care about is Mars. However, if re-landing on the moon will help us achieve the Mars objective, then I’m all for it.
    A pretty good argument could also be made for scrapping the space program altogether, and spending that money on improving any number of things here at home, but that is another discussion, for another time.

  2. I think they should explore Stankonia.

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