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Wait, Rolling Stone was Relevant?!

Long before Rolling Stone magazine was putting arguably the worst “band” alive on its cover (for an issue claiming to provide the “State of Rock,” no less), it was a relevant and credible music magazine.  In an effort to prove this, RS is placing their entire archive online.  Problem is, unlike Spin magazine which has placed their archive online for free, RS is charging $29.95 for a yearly subscription.  That’s a significant price to pay for old issues even if they are considerably better than anything RS currently produces.  Of course, there are still 1.5 million people purchasing the current issues, so what do I know?

[via Digital Music News]

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3 thoughts on “Wait, Rolling Stone was Relevant?!

  1. Aaron B on said:

    i think id be pretty pissed if i had a subscription to rolling stone and that black eyed peas cover showed up in the mail.

  2. The last 6 covers have been:

    Lil Wayne
    Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton
    Shaun White
    Jimi Hendrix
    TV Show Glee
    Black Eyed Peas

    The Beck/Clapton and Hendrix covers are the ones that seem way out of place. Should be the other way around

  3. James S. on said:

    Yeah, how can you have three rock Gods in Hendrix, Clapton, & Beck alongside Black Eyed Peas and Shaun White? I think Rolling Stone is experiencing a mid-life crisis: torn between the credible “old” music, and the irrelevant “new” music. (Although, I admit there is a lot of great new music out there, Rolling Stone rarely covers it with any true zeal.)

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