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My Useless Opinion: Kick-Ass Review

“Okay you c**ts. Lets see what you can do now.”

Judging by the box office numbers, I am one of the few people who saw Kick-Ass on its opening weekend.  The movie made less than $20 million and finished behind an instructional video on dragons.  This is unfortunate, because Kick-Ass was the most fun I’ve had at a theater in a LONG time, maybe since The Dark Knight.

There will be countless reasons (you can find 5 here) given for why this movie wasn’t more successful, but I think the most legitimate is that people just didn’t really get what this movie is about.  Sure, the basic premise is simple – dorky high school kid decides he wants to be a superhero, becomes a superhero, and quickly finds himself over his head-but in reality, this film is a combination of dark comedy and violent action movie.  Kick-Ass definitely puts its R-rating to work.  The violence in this thing far surpasses any previous “comic book movie,” rivaling the most violent of Tarantino’s films.

"With no power comes no responsibility"

A great deal of the aforementioned violence is conducted by the character  Hit-Girl.  This eleven-year-old superhero/assassin played by Chloe Moretz–best known as the sister in 500 Days of Summer--is quite simply one of the greatest characters ever involved in a “comic book movie.”  In fact, other than Ledger’s Joker this may be THE greatest character ever featured in a “comic book movie.”  Imagine a miniature version of Kill Bill’s The Bride” dressed in a superhero costume and you get the picture.  An eleven-year-old hissing the word “cunts” before dismembering a group of gangsters with a butterfly knife may sound ridiculous, but trust me, it works.  If you don’t love this character, you should stop watching movies.

There is a great deal more to like about this movie beyond Hit-Girl.  Everything from the action scenes, to the performances of Superbad’s McLovin (Red-Mist) and Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass), to the soundtrack (Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” during the climactic fight scene is perfect) are spot on.  Hell, even Nicholas Cage (as Hit Girl’s father, Big Daddy) is enjoyable for once.   Hopefully, the poor first weekend numbers won’t be enough to derail plans for a sequel.  Hell, I might go see it again just to help the cause.  Frankly, you should do the same.  You won’t be disappointed.

My useless opinion: See this movie ASAP

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3 thoughts on “My Useless Opinion: Kick-Ass Review

  1. Aaron B on said:

    I’ll check it out this coming weekend hopefully. I saw the teaser a long time ago where the dude jumps off the building trying to fly and i thought even that was pretty ballsy.

  2. I think you’ll dig it, Boston.

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