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Yep, Tiger Woods is a Douchebag


I mean, look at these guys


If you are still undecided on Tiger Woods, just know that he was caught partying at a Nickelback concert. That’s right…Nickelback.  See, Tiger has always come across as rather douchey.  The guy just seemed to have no personality from the get-go.  Then the whole cheating on his wife with porn stars, claiming sex addiction, etc. just seemed to reinforce that opinion.  Now the guy decides to come out of his self-imposed exile and the best he can come up with is a Nickelback concert.  Nickelback!?! Yep, he’s a douchebag.

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5 thoughts on “Yep, Tiger Woods is a Douchebag

  1. my sentiments exactly

  2. Aaron B on said:

    Yup, the guy’s in the 99.99999th percentile in the world in golf. Too bad he’s in the 50th or below everywhere else.

  3. James S. on said:

    He sure is.

  4. Guest on said:

    Nickelback is the worst band in history.

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