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Screw the Big Ten and the Midwest in general

It’s bad enough that college football won’t even give its fans what they want the most, a play-off system to determine the national champion, but now college football is rumored to be on the verge of yet another major shake up in the form of more conference raiding.  Since my favorite team plays in the Big East, you can understand why I am enraged by the greed of these super wealthy conferences.  In this case, the culprit is the Big Ten – the conference with the consistently most overrated teams in the nation and the most mind-numbingly boring style of play imaginable.  Well, as it turns out, this Baby Huey of college football is about to rape other conferences in an attempt to make it competitive with the SEC and Big 12.

In its quest to be relevant again, the Big Ten is probably going to poach a few teams from my Big East, which will likely lead to the ultimate demise of that once proud conference.  I think the Big 12 may be under attack as well, but the Big 12 is more likely to survive an attack, because it has never been raided before.  In any case, the Big Ten’s greed will likely cause major changes in college football, because the SEC will not sit idly by and allow the Big Ten to surpass it in power.  Ultimately, a major ripple effect will probably be felt throughout all of college football as entire conferences are broken up to satisfy the greed of the wealthier conferences.  Thanks Big Ten.

I always thought that the Midwest was supposed to be known for its values:  hard work, individualism, humility, generosity, and decency.  You always hear Midwesterners blathering on and on about how they are just a little bit better than everyone else – eschewing the greed and aggressiveness of the Northeast, the eccentricity of the West, and the dogmas of the South.  The truth is, these folks are hypocritical, self-righteous jackasses, who are probably actually worse than everyone else in the country, and this is also true of their beloved Big Ten Conference.  So the next time you hear some sanctimonious automaton from the Midwest proclaiming the glory of that region or the proud heritage of the Big Ten, do me a favor and punch them in their fat mouth.

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One thought on “Screw the Big Ten and the Midwest in general

  1. And they’ll probably still call it the Big Ten hoping no one will notice

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