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Who Hates the F’ing Indians??!!

Willie Mays Hayes is not walking through that door

As a prime example of ridiculous studies, this atrocity was released this week that declares the Cleveland Indians to be the most hated team in professional baseball.  That’s right, the Cleveland Fucking Indians-a team most associated with a movie that came out 21 years ago.  Does anyone outside of Cleveland even have an opinion about this team?  Can you name three players?   Of course you can’t. Look, either the Yankees or Red Sox are the most hated team in this here America, and no ridiculous study of the internets is changing that.

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2 thoughts on “Who Hates the F’ing Indians??!!

  1. Aaron B on said:

    Ive always associated the indians with major league but i never really hated them. I always just thought of them as more of a joke. I’d say the yankees are probably the most loved and most hated team.

  2. Yeah, no one hates the Indians. Hell, the Reds are #3 on this list and they’ve been horrible for a decade. Only their fans should hate them.

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