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Farewell, Tecmo Super Bowl

No one could stop Bo one

I try to stay away from my dork hobbies (video games, comic books, love of Star Wars) around here, but Tecmo Super Bowl deserves a few words.  NFL punter Jeff Feagles retired on Friday.  Feagles was the last active player originally featured in 1991’s Tecmo Super Bowl.  Unfortunately, his retirement closes the door on one of the most entertaining video games ever made. 

Tecmo Super Bowl is the greatest sports game of all time.  Madden addicts would probably argue with that statement, but Madden is just too complicated.  You need a graduate degree to figure that shit out (and apparently not the grad degree I have).  Try to play Madden for the first time against someone who knows what they are doing and you will lose.  But Tecmo Super Bowl was simple.  It had eight plays and two buttons.  Anyone can handle that.  Pick a play, run in zig-zag motion until tackled (unless you are using Bo Jackson, in which case you will never be tackled-just watch this), repeat.  You can finish an entire season in the time it takes to choose a play in Madden.  Sure, Madden is more realistic, has better graphics, and requires more skill, but who gives a shit.  Tecmo Super Bowl is still more fun.  It just is.

Somewhere, there are stoned/drunk/both college kids sitting around playing this game right now, 19 years after it originally came out.  They may have no context for why Bo Jackson is unstoppable or why Lawrence Taylor is twice as fast as every player on the field.  They probably laugh at the ridiculousness of only having 9 players per teams having the ability to kick a field goal from your own 30 yard line.  But despite all of this, they still play, and they sure as shit still have fun.  That is why Tecmo Super Bowl will forever hold the crown of greatest sports game of all time.

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7 thoughts on “Farewell, Tecmo Super Bowl

  1. James S. on said:

    I completely agree. I have never loved another sports game like I loved Tecmo Super Bowl. A few more unstoppable players on that game included: Thurman Thomas, Sterling Sharpe, Ronnie Lott, and Howie Long. What a great game.

  2. Zack P on said:

    man, that was the greatest. i think it is still the best Christmas gift i’ve ever received…and that was before i had pubes. walter payton was pretty awesome too.

  3. Aaron B on said:

    i still remember the exact sound of the guy’s voice when he says “TOUCHDOWN”

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  5. one little clarification: the original Tecmo Bowl only had 9 players per team. Tecmo Super Bowl had all 11

  6. Yep, you’re right. Corrected. Thanks!

  7. I still have my Sega Genesis and recently, went to the length of creating an alert tone for my phone from the initial sound when you start this game, haha. My college roommates and I must have logged thousands of hours in front of the TV playing this game. It’s among the first things I think of when I recall my college experience – not ashamed to say that at all btw. Anyway, now whenever I get a text message I get that wonderful sound that always used to mean a new game was about to get underway. Just thought I’d share…for whatever reason. Long live Tecmo!

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