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She’s Still an Idiot

While battling sickness yesterday, I somehow missed known ignoramus Sarah Palin’s stunning insight into the BP oil spill:

Please take a look at that first sentence.  I know that the fear of “the foreign” is a somewhat popular idea these days, but now we’re even worried about British Petroleum?  BP is so large and multi-national that it can barely be classified as a foreign company at this point, plus it’s friggin British.  Also, is Sarah Palin really the one who should be preaching caution in dealing with oil companies?  Her only solution to our nation’s oil dependence over the past two years has been to wail “Drill! Baby! Drill!”  Oh, by the way, her husband Todd worked for this shady “foreign” oil conglomerate for 18 years and was even a member of the union (*gasp*). This woman is a joke.

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3 thoughts on “She’s Still an Idiot

  1. James S. on said:

    Why is she still famous? Why does the media still cover her? I know she’s a polarizing figure, but for Christ’s sake, she is such a moron.

  2. She really is incredible. I mean, how do you demonize a company that your own husband worked for for 18 years. She just says whatever will fire up her small minority of the public regardless of how hypocritical or simply untrue her statement actually is. I mean it’s the Rush Limbaugh way, but she’s still considered a credible politician. I really don’t understand. McCain should forever be haunted by lifting up this woman.

  3. James S. on said:

    Yeah, Sarah Palin has definitely studied at the school of Limbaugh-Coulter-Hannity. It’s probably about the only studying she’s ever done actually.

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