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Small Penis Not Wanted

Carol Jahme attempts to answer the question, “why are women so obsessed with the size of a man’s cock?” through the lens of evolutionary psychology.   The whole thing is pretty interesting as she goes through how primate evolution has affected the structure of human male sexual organs.  She boils women’s fascination with “cock” down to this:

“Women are as aware as men that to build a stable relationship you need trust, shared interests and the ability to keep each other amused. But a woman is not going to “put the size of a man’s cock right out of her mind”, because she can’t. Females have an evolved interest in the size of a man’s penis, which has been sexually selected for its size and shape.”

You naughty girls!!  This does make sense though.  Most males are irrationally obsessed with breasts, so why wouldn’t women have their own weird obsession?  Fair enough women….fair enough.

[via The Guardian]

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2 thoughts on “Small Penis Not Wanted

  1. tiredmommax3 on said:

    I think men are more obsessed with penis size than women. For the record though….we do compare size!

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