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“Anti-Rape Condom” a Good Idea?

With the World Cup being held this summer in South Africa, a country with one of the world’s highest levels of rape, a debate surrounding a so called “anti-rape condom” have revived.  The “condom” formally known as Rape-aXe was developed by Dr. Sonnet Ehlers as direct response to the astonishing rape problem in South Africa where a woman is raped every 26 seconds.  The Rape-aXe is a device worn inside of women that will attach itself to a rapist’s penis with a set of 25 or so sharp edged teeth, which the rapists can then not take off without doctor assistance thus basically ensuring that the rapist will be forced to turn themselves in.

This has, of course, sparked a debate which is discussed in great detail here.  The gist is that opponents of the device argue that (a) this is just another way of placing responsibility of preventing rape on the victim rather than the rapists; (b) it doesn’t actually prevent rape b/c physical penetration must occur for the device to work in the first place; and (c) a rapist who becomes trapped in this thing will become enraged to a point that may cause more serious harm or even death for the rape victim.  These are all three very interesting concerns and are better dealt with from a woman’s perspective.  However, I do want to briefly discuss (c).

For a normal male, the thought of having your penis caught by 25 sharp teeth/hooks sounds like the worst form of torture.  I would do just about anything imaginable to NOT be forced into such a device.  However, rapists are not normal males.  The chance that they may attack a woman with this device may not be enough to deter someone who is obviously sick in the head to begin with.  Once a crazy is caught in one of these things, it’s not hard to imagine the violence increasing to the point of murder.  Do the chances of stopping and deterring rape outweigh the chances that the victim may suffer a far worse fate?  I honestly don’t know, but it’s something that should be discussed.  I highly recommend that everyone check out the full discussion here.

[Image via Jezebel]

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One thought on ““Anti-Rape Condom” a Good Idea?

  1. At first glance, it seems like a good idea, but after reading that and thinking about it… eh, sounds like it’s not the best fix. you can definitely be sure that if a rapist gets trapped in one of those things the girl is gonna catch an extra smack or two, if not more. I dunno, sounds like trouble to me.

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