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Birthers v. Truthers…You’re Both F*cking Crazy

I see your birther and raise you a luck dragon

An issue that was more or less dead and buried has been revived by Jonah Goldberg at the Republican fun house known as The Corner.  For a reason unbeknownst to everyone but Jonah himself, he dives back into the insanity that is “birtherism” in order to make the argument that “birtherism” is less crazy than “trutherism”:

And while I am sure there are more elaborate and crazier versions of Birtherism, the basic allegation isn’t that crazy, at least in the abstract. Now, Trutherism, on the other hand, is a really insidious and evil claim…

Since the birth of “birtherism” (see what I did there), this has been a popular conservative argument.  We may have birthers on our side, and yes they are crazy, but you have truthers and they are WAY crazier. This is delusional, because there are no winners in a “who’s crazier” contest.  If someone told you that they saw a unicorn on the way to work this morning and then someone else told you that it was not a unicorn, but rather Falkor the Luck Dragon from Neverending Story, you would not then argue over who was less insane.  You would simply determine they are both fucking insane and move on.  The same is true for birthers and truthers.  Someone who believes our entire democracy has been subverted by a 50 year old conspiracy to get Barack Obama elected is no more or less crazy than someone who believe Dubya aided and abetted the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.  They’re both small insignificant groups of batshit crazy people.  Now, let’s all move on.

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4 thoughts on “Birthers v. Truthers…You’re Both F*cking Crazy

  1. no blog is complete without a falkor the luck dragon tag

  2. James S. on said:

    I completely agree with the notion that both groups are total lunatics. It’s actually kind of nice when you find out that someone is a Birther or a Truther, because then you can just ignore EVERYTHING that comes out of their mouth for evermore.

  3. They should have to carve it into their foreheads

  4. Incredibly great post! Honest!

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