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Your iPod Made for $4 a Day…Enjoy!

Gizmodo has an interesting summary of a Southern Weekly undercover piece on Foxconn’s factory in Shenzhen, China.  Foxconn is one of Apple’s main manufacturing contractors, and is also a factory which has seen 9 suicide attempts (7 succesful) at its Chinese factory over the past half year.  To investigate, Southern Weekly sent a reporter undercover to work at the factory for 28 days.  He found that workers are forced to work nearly 24/7 with only quick breaks to eat or sleep.  All of this is done for roughly $130 a month ($4.33 a day).

Everyone knows Apple products are generally tremendous, but something has to be done about this kind of thing:

Another worker spoke about one of the favorite activities in the factory lines: He likes to drop stuff on the floor. Why? Workers spend achingly up to eight hours standing up, so they feel that squatting down to grab a fallen object is the most restful moment of their working day.

Makes that iPad seem a little less kick-ass, huh?

[Original article in Chinese for the bilingual here]

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3 thoughts on “Your iPod Made for $4 a Day…Enjoy!

  1. James S. on said:

    That is fucking terrible, but it doesn’t really surprise me. I don’t mean to sound like Che Guevarra or Chairman Mao, but the vast majority of businesses don’t give a damn about human decency, all they care about is profit margins. That’s capitalism for ya.

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