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Comedy finally returns to Comedy Central

Thank you, Daniel Tosh.

You are by far the funniest clip show host on TV today. (Actually, by removing Letterman, Ferguson and Colbert from the equation, there is no comparison as to who the funniest host of ANY kind is on television.)  I mean, who else has the artistic freedom, not to mention the stones, to say things on television like “hair diaper”? (On a recent episode Tosh said it when referring to a photo of Demi Moore and her pubes, which, if you go to Tosh.0’s Web site to find the pic he’s talking about, it takes you to a video of him telling you precisely how to seek out the traumatizing pic.) Now that is an awesome clip show host if I’ve ever watched one.  I mean, what other television star would post an instructional video on his or her show’s Web site on how to find celebrity fur burger pics?  The pic he’s talking about is really quite disturbing too, but that is another point entirely.  Oh, and one more thing, he said Google’s top search for an unbelievable five days was the pic of that mess of thick, black furry hair Demi was sportin’ down below in her earlier days.

But I digress.

Topping Google’s most searched item for five days means one of two things: either people are really into Demi Moore and/or unnecessarily hairy beaves, or Tosh has earned a loyal following.  I like to think it’s a little of both, but, with the amount of porn on the Interweb today, I think Demi’s hair pie can take a back seat to Tosh on this one.

Tosh is the man.  His humor is unique, dry, witty and juvenile all at the same time.  Why has it taken so long for a clip show host like him come along?  There is no other host out there today that can take a simple clip, be it from a talk show, home video or the Interweb, and make me laugh no matter what.  I mean, Tom Bergeron doesn’t have one funny bone in his body.  “America’s Funniest Home Videos” makes me laugh consistently, but it would be much better without its current d-bag host, or any for that matter.  The show seems to be too focused on family-style humor, which, subsequently, isn’t even humorous.  Isn’t that the entire purpose of humor?  I understand it comes on the Disney-owned ABC network, therefore young kids presumably watch it, but that shouldn’t mean the writers have to be confined to write the corniest jokes ever. (After all, isn’t Disney the same company who put very controversial subliminal messages in many of its major animated movies?  Can you say hypocrite?)

But, again, I digress.

Anyway, I find it hard to believe that anyone in the country finds Bergeron amusing…no matter if they are part of a family or not.

And Joel McHale, who I have always liked, is kinda witty, but he seems to rely on the same tired bits, skinny ties and barely-celeb cameos for much of the show’s humor today.  Furthermore, “The Soup” and its writing has gone way downhill, and McHale has another show about which to worry anyway.  Maybe John Henson still needs work.

But what’s just as exciting to me is that there seems to be no end in sight for the show.  Now in its second season, “Tosh.0” has gained a faithful following, and, really, the execs at Comedy Central shouldn’t even have to worry about conceptual material. With the way the world is these days there is no shortage of people being jackasses…and filming it…and for that, we thank you.  So again I say “Thank you, Daniel Tosh.”  From the show’s “Web Redemption” to “Guess What Happens Next”, I am a huge fan of everything you’re doing.  Keep the crude and off-color humor, vomiting and groin shots coming, I don’t feel like growing up yet.

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10 thoughts on “Comedy finally returns to Comedy Central

  1. Don’t know how you can leave out John Stewart from your Letterman, Ferguson, Colbert group. Just don’t know how you can do it

    • James S. on said:

      Daniel Tosh had a stand-up special a few years ago called “Completely Serious,” which is HILARIOUS. You should check it out, if you haven’t already.

  2. totally agree. best comedy on television right now, and possibly the best show on period.

    Now off to do some docking.

  3. Keep laughing:

  4. GOSEXYSLIM on said:


  5. GOSEXYSLIM on said:

    gross illy

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