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I’ll Never Care About Man vs. Food

I must admit that I loathe about 98% of the programs on television:  Entertainment Tonight, The Hills, E! News, Grey’s Anatomy, just about anything on Vh1; I could go on forever.  (I also pretty much hate anyone who regularly watches that garbage.)  There are plenty of shitty shows to despise, but I honestly think the dumbest show on television is Man vs. Food, on the Travel Channel.  

Holy Mary Mother-of-God, what an awful show.  First of all, it is painfully boring.  The host, Adam Richman, travels to various eateries around the country and inhales the most embarrassingly huge portions of just about every type of food.  That’s it, that’s the whole show.  Pretty lame, huh?  Who gives a damn if  a guy can eat a Volkswagon smothered in chili peppers?  Surely not me.  Call me crazy, but I watch television to be entertained or to learn something.  I assume that Man vs. Food is supposed to be entertaining, because the only thing you could possibly learn from watching it is how to be a dick. I guess I’m old fashioned, but I like my entertainers to have some sort of skill or talent.  I’m entertained by a captivating story, an amusing anecdote or joke, good music, et cetera.  Being able to devour a life-sized mashed potato sculpture of an African elephant is not a talent, it’s just gluttony.  This brings me to the other reason I hate Man vs. Food – it’s morally wrong.

We live in a world where a little more than a billion people survive on less than $5 per day.  Knowing that, how could anyone enjoy a show where some asshole routinely takes in more calories in a single meal than some families consume over the course of several days?  I realize the purpose of the show is to give publicity to some notable restaurants, but that can be accomplished without glorifying gluttony and intemperance.  There are tons of shows on T.V. that give recognition to good restaurants without deifying some douche with an elastic stomach.  (Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Food Network is one such program.)  If Adam Richman wants to impress me, he should try eating a bowl full of razor blades and washing it down with a jug of bleach.  I might actually watch that.

Editor’s note:  More things James will never care about can be found here.

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22 thoughts on “I’ll Never Care About Man vs. Food

  1. lol! tell us how you really feel JD!! I can totally eat a volkswagon smothered in chili peppers. but you’re right, the premise for the show is pretty insensitive and backwards.

  2. I have never seen this show, but I just picture how much I hate Todd Blackledge’s “Taste of the Town” series during college football season. Then I imagine that stretched out into a full length tv show. Then I want to punch someone

  3. Your exactly whats wrong with society and its hilarious! Did you realize today when you picked up your starbucks Venti Mocha chino that about thirty chinese laborers had to die for you to even enjoy that stupid beverage? Did you realize that as you typed that up all pissy cause Adam Richman ruined your poor little night cause you didn’t like what he was doing on TV that people in in communist North Korea cant even watch TV because of there government and all you have to do is change the FUCKING CHANNEL !! So you should start by going and fucking yourself you whiny ungrateful asshole

    • James S. on said:

      Well, I’m not exactly sure how to reply to this. First of all, I’m keenly aware of the suffering that goes on around the world – I’ve been to a few Third World countries, and no, I never stayed in any resorts while I was in those countries. I realize that billions of people live on less than a dollar per day. I know that people around the world are oppressed by corrupt governments and incompetent leaders. I understand the fact that millions of people have to live like slaves just so I can buy cheap sneakers and affordable electronics. I get it, I really do.

      Now, I realize that my complaining about a television program is, in fact, quite trivial, and I freely admit that. But I’m not really sure what your point is. Are you saying that I should only be concerned with serious affairs? Should I only write about the life-and-death struggles of the world? Well, believe it or not, I am concerned about those things you mentioned, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy some stupid bit of triviality now and then. I empathize with those who suffer, but does the fact that they suffer mean I can’t complain about anything? Am I not allowed to have an opinion on anything silly? All of us, including you, live a life that is unbelievably better than 99% of the rest of the world. I’m terribly thankful for that, as I’m sure you are. But just because we enjoy such privileged lives doesn’t mean that we can’t speak our minds about meaningless things from time to time.

      I could direct your faulty logic back at you: why are you complaining about some little blog when there are far more important things to worry about in the world? If you’re such a freedom fighter, why did you even waste your valuable time reading and responding to my post? If you care about the plight of the world so much, why were you surfing the net, which is surely how you stumbled upon my post about that portly douchebag? The fact that you even took the time to respond to my opinion proves that you’re no better than me. I complained about something on TV; you complained about a guy complaining about something on TV. You did the exact same thing that I did, you see?

      The fact is you’re an insufferable, full-of shit hypocrite. I, unlike you, find that arguments based on logic are far stronger, so in the future, you should try to organize your thoughts logically, instead of relying on non sequiturs and obtuse reasoning. And just for the record, I never drink Starbucks – I only buy organic, fair trade coffee. Secondly, I don’t mean to nitpick, but I think the problem with North Korea is fascism. Oh, I know they’re a communist country, but I think you, like most people, confuse communism and fascism. Even though historically several communist countries have also had fascist governments, the two terms are not synonyms. Read a book you fucking idiot.


  5. Personally, I feel an episode where the Man Vs Food guy is doused in chili peppers and served on a life sized mashed potato elephant and subsequently devoured by a small village would be worthwhile television.

    An after feast press conference where the participants try to identify the various shows they tasted in the well marinated and stuffed host would be particularly interesting.

  6. James S. on said:

    Thanks M. That’s the best response to this post yet. I’d have to insist that he be served with an apple in his mouth, like the pig he is.

  7. Ben Cruze on said:

    I don’t care much about the moral or ethical aspect of the show. I just think the show is pointless. It seems that in every episode, he visits a restaurant that has intentionally concocted a huge portioned meal and called it a challenge. It isn’t creative. Anyone can walk into any restaurant, order the whole menu, and call it the Tuesday challenge. Big deal! My only consolation is that foolish shows like thess keep idiots entertained and off the streets so that readers and hard workers can move forward.

  8. Shea Faulkner on said:

    How is the show stupid… It’s like he says he’s “A regular guy, which a serious appetite”. He just goes to restaurant and eats there most filling, biggest food. Nothing stupid, nothing warped. It’s what you do everyday, eat. I love the show, the guys freakin’ hilarious, and the food he eats makes me drool.

  9. Whatever. on said:

    How is this show not stupid? It ruined the Travel Channel for me. Whoever thinks this show is actually worth their precious time, is ignorant, very ignorant. Another thing I must say, I’m younger than most of you, and I find most of you pathetic to even use that kind of language on this post. So com’on some of you “Adults” be mature about this and go back to your cubicle while I’ll sit in my 2nd period class in high school.

  10. Plagiarizing on said:

    If you’re wondering why people don’t like this show, but you yourself find the host entertaining and the content interesting, then you now know why you’re average. And to quote a man you’d probably hate, “You’re going to miss everything cool and die angry.”

    The only satisfaction I had while watching Man vs. Food was the thought of him the day after a challenge (the spicy ones especially) sitting on the toilet and scream-crying.

  11. When I first saw the show I was sure that it would last just a short time, but I was wrong. If the disgusting and retarded show lasted for so long, it just reflects a state of decadent american audience.

  12. Staci Hanel on said:

    I think Adam Richman is hot. The Travel Channel is cool because they show cool places and really cool people. Zack Bagans on Ghost Adventures is a so hot! Anthony Bourdain is a real cutie too! If you haters of Travel Channel don’t like the shows then change the channel. Why be so bitter about people having a good time? Do you haters have a life? Are you just jealous cause these hot guys have successful TV shows and are liked by billions of people and you’re not? These shows are a success cause people want to see people in reality have a real good time and truly enjoying themselves. Travel Channel ROCKS!!

  13. Hi

    I am with the guy who posted this.Yea , damn right , the guy is total fool and idiot.Eats like an idiot.Whatever you say , i have always wondered , how much pounds of shit he would do everyday ? hehe , this makes me laugh and feel crazy.
    Basically i think this guy is like a clown.I see his shitty serial and i laugh inside even when no one is around.
    Some further points -> Have you seen his shirt and belly ? his stomach looks like a hood of a truck , and this idiot has got man boobs too.In every serail when he wears a full sleeve casual shirt , he doesnot even button it.Thats because of this idiot is filling it up too much.

    I want to just spit all i have got for this idiot.Other things which are funny are like when he eats some desserts , one time he had a plate full of 8 scoops of ice creams , with oreo crushed on it , hot chocolate sauce, marsh mellows , nuts and many other things. I was like smiling and laughing inside, i was speechless , this guy is a fart or what ? he doesnot even think about getting blood sugar or diabetes and then some.

    Sometimes he devours big buns with pork , beef drenched in very hot chilly sauces which were sometimes 400% hotter than jalepenos or other chillies. Doesnot this shit make him shit tenfold ? this thing i always have wondered.MY GOD , man this asshole is nuts.

    Whatever you say or i say , that show is lame , thats true but this guy has succeeded in one thing for me , that is amusing me. He is like one of the fat boys of alice in wonderland.

    Only thing i can say is may he gets his body checked regularly and may get long life , because if he continues like this , a heart attack is inevitable.

    For negative comments -> yeah yeah whatever dude , it doesnot matter.

  14. John Harwood on said:

    And apart from anything else, it cements the unenviable reputation that Americans have around the world for being fat bastards! This crap goes out here in England and the most common response from people watching it is “Typical Americans”, or “Fat, greedy American bastards”. No-one to blame but yourself America.

  15. Awesome on said:

    I agree with you 100%. I wish they would cancel the worthless show

  16. Simon on said:

    The only thing that irritates me about the show is how americans scream “WOOOO” and cheer and congratulate an average guy with a serious appetite sat there stuffing his FU***** fat face. The dumb asses scream, chant and jump up and down in every united state because someone is eating an; oversized, over-flavoured, sickly meal. I mean come on WTFFFF?! Where else in the world would people lose control of their emotions as if the Beatles were on the rooftop because someone is eating, they react as we ( manchester united ) did in 1999. Its a joke, americans need to sort it.

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