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Dick Vitale Should Hang It Up

Dick Vitale was on ESPN’s Mike and Mike Show this morning to discuss the possibility of John Calipari and Lebron James being a package deal for teams in the NBA.  Vitale’s entire argument was based on Calipari’s statement that he is staying at Kentucky.  Case closed for Dickie V.  This is ridiculous.  Coaches are liars.  Remember this guy, or this guy, or this guy again?  Oh, and let’s not forget this asshole.  Those coaches all adamantly stated that they were not leaving, and then they left.  Maybe in Dickie V’s fairytale land -where coaches still care about the kids and athletes are still heroes-you can believe a coach who has left two former programs on probation and recruits a new starting five every single season.  But here in the real world, that is nonsense.

This isn’t the first time in recent memory that Dick Vitale has made wild proclamations based on pixie dust and rainbows.  For some reason he threw himself into the NFL draft discussion with an article on the heart of Tim Tebow.  Just have a quick taste:

I am hearing people say that Tim Tebow will go in the third round, but there is something about that kid that you can’t teach. He is a winner with a fierce, competitive drive to be the best he can be. He is so durable, too — he has a great body and the ability to take a pounding. His physical nature tells me he can get the job done at the next level.

He has a great body? Come on Dick.  Young girls are less infatuated with Justin Bieber.

V’s basic argument is that Tebow should be drafted simply because he wants to win.  He makes it sound like Tebow will be running 40’s and watching film while Peyton Manning is eating Funyuns and watching Two and Half Men.  This same inane argument was made for Eric Crouch and Ken Dorsey when they were coming out of college.  They’re winners!!!! Well, do you know what either of them are doing now?  Yeah, neither do I.

Would you believe this guy?

The seven or so supporters of Dickie V argue that his passion is what makes him great.  He does deserve credit for that in a time when most announcers/analysts seem as if they haven’t enjoyed sports since the days of Johny Unitas.  Unfortunately, the sports world that Dickie V loves no longer exists.  Sports figures are no longer heroes, but generally overpaid robots meant to entertain us for a few hours.  Even Dickie V’s pet sport, college basketball, has become nothing but a minor league farm system for the NBA, where coaches like Calipari can get job after job despite rule violations.  Ole Dick’s world of student athletes playing for nothing but the “love of the game” is long gone, and it’s well past time he realized it.  Maybe then he will finally hang it up.  Let’s hope that time comes sooner rather than later.

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One thought on “Dick Vitale Should Hang It Up

  1. James S. on said:

    I agree man. The Golden Age of Sports is long gone. The overwhelming majority of athletes, college and pro, are arrogant overpaid assholes, who would be working for minimum wage if it weren’t for sports. I like sports, but I also understand the hypocrisy involved in them, and because I have that knowledge, I could NEVER be as enthusiastic about sports as Dicky V.

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