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Rand Paul Still Wrong

Another reasoned argument why:

Suppose an African American customer sits down at a “whites only” restaurant and asks for dinner. The owner tells him to leave. The customer refuses and stays put. What are the owner’s options at that point? He can forcibly remove the customer himself, but, as Paul concedes, that could expose the restaurateur to criminal or civil liability. So he’ll have to call the cops. When they arrive, he’ll have to explain his whites-only policy and ask them to remove the unwanted black man because he’s violating it. But they can only do that on the basis of some law, presumably trespassing. In other words, the business owner’s discriminatory edict is meaningless unless some public authority enforces it.

Conversely, it is precisely because of this nexus between private discrimination and public enforcement that the larger community, through the political and judicial process, acquires a valid interest in legislating against discrimination. The public is entitled to say whether their tax money should pay for arresting black trespassers on whites-only property.

If the government is required to enforce your libertarianism, then it’s not really libertarianism.

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8 thoughts on “Rand Paul Still Wrong

  1. James S. on said:

    Logical indeed. This is an excellent articulation of why reasonable people are disgusted by Rand Paul.

  2. aaron b on said:

    same old. you think that people by nature will be racist. i dont. rand paul doesnt. you can’t ever ride a bike unless you remove the training wheels. expect more, get more. expect less, get less.

  3. aaron b on said:

    i guess im just completely unreasonable then JD.

  4. aaron b on said:

    the government isn’t required to enforce libertarianism, the government is required to enforce the laws. trespassing happens to be one of them.

    Hypothetical, do u guys think that if people started to be allowed to segregate on their private property that “white” restaraunts, buses (private), etc would just start cropping up everywhere and that the american people would patronize these places to the point that their business would be lucrative? I can understand the need back 50 years ago when racism was common and accepted practice and people actually believed that it was acceptable. it’s different now (i hope). We’re much more intelligent, open-minded, and logical now. I mean, i would never eat a whites only anything, and i doubt very many others would. Hell i’d probably stand outside with a sign saying “don’t patronize this place, it’s racist” which would be my right.

    Why would a business owner open a business that is so obviously politically incorrect and so obviously morally wrong? It’s so sad to think that there are enough bad/dumb people in our country that we have tell everyone that they can’t have a racist business for fear that if they do.. they’re gonna prosper? maybe im just really naive. Why don’t we just run the business for them? Should we tell people they have to wear their seatbelt b/c if they don’t they’re gonna die?

    At my core, i’m as communist as they come. everyone can provide for everyone… but that’s not the system that’s in place unfortunately… and that’s not what made us the greatest country in the world. I applaud Ron and Rand Paul for standing up for their ideology, no matter how un-PC it is. I wish more politicians would actually practice what they preach. I mean, if ya don’t wanna vote for the guy.. then dont. if you don’t agree with his policy.. that’s fine. But to say he’s an idiot, when he and his father are actually two of the few policitians to stick to their guns just isn’t really fair in my eyes. If you wanna call Palin or Romney or any of those other Repub. hacks, idiots, that’s fine. But imo Ron and Rand Paul are far from that.

  5. I think it’s naive to think that segregated businesses would not be successful in certain parts of the country. I have no doubt that a segregated restaurant would do business in certain parts of our home state of WV. The point the person is making in the article is that libertarians want complete individual liberty, but they can’t actually enforce that themselves. If a segregationist wants to kick someone out of their restaurant b/c of their skin color, they have to call the government to then enforce this individual freedom they so desperately seek. The public then has to pay the cost of enforcement simply to appease some racist asshole.

  6. aaron b on said:

    okay. ill concede this one. fair enough. seriously though…. racism is that rampant that it’s a major issue and one that is a linchpin to the libertarian argument? u guys are right… in this scenario, argue asd hard as i try… i see it… libertarianism may not work… but i dunno… i think if we start picking apart every political ideology you’re gonna be able to find philospohical šŸ™‚ and practical limitations. again, i admire Dr. Paul for standing up for what he believes.

    It seems there are a few politicians lately that are having a hard time keeping their campaign promises. i dunno… honest and wrong (on an point that i dont think is going to make or break libertarianism), or someone that says all the right things… than doesn’t really follow through or stand his/her ground. At least with Ron and Rand Paul, you know what you’re getting.

  7. You’re right that no ideology is 100% right. No question about that. I agree with a lot of libertarian principles (legalization of drugs for example), but I libertarianism only works on an entirely individual basis and not when it has a direct effect on someone else, which segregation would obviously have. Anyway, at least we reached some common ground.

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