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BP Oil Disaster-Day 45

On the 45th day of BP’s bungling:

  • Coast Guard has snipped a riser pipe which they hope will allow them to funnel the oil to tankers on the surface.  Problem is, until the cap is in place oil will gush at a 20% increased rate.  So that’s encouraging.
  • Apparent psycho Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska):
    • This is not an environmental disaster, and I will say that again and again because it is a natural phenomenon. Oil has seeped into this ocean for centuries, will continue to do it. During World War II there was over 10 million barrels of oil spilt from ships, and no natural catastrophe. … We will lose some birds, we will lose some fixed sealife, but overall it will recover.”
  • Confirmed psycho Sarah Palin blames the whole thing on environmentalists.  She’s apparently serious.
  • BP CEO Tony Hayward (who said this) may be forced out.  Couldn’t happen soon enough.
  • Obama administration is now blocking all new offshore drilling in the Gulf, regardless of depth.

This will be a daily update until the oil leak is stopped or BP no longer exists…whichever happens first.

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