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BP Oil Disaster Day 49

*  Not surprisingly, no one is taking responsibility for this catastrophe in the Gulf.  One thing is clear though:  BP, Transocean, and various regulatory agencies in the U. S. government all share a significant portion of the blame.

*  Again, not surprisingly, BP has been issuing billions of dollars in dividends to its investors and spending tons of money on an ad campaign to improve its image, much to the chagrin of the Obama administration, which feels that BP could be putting that money into cleanup efforts or compensation for the Gulf Coast residents.

*  Make no mistake about it – no matter how many billions of dollars BP spends trying to clean up its image, be sure that this oil will be around for a long, long time, despite even the best cleanup efforts.  Keep this in mind the next time you see or hear a BP executive trying to downplay their role in this ecological holocaust.

*  Among all these negative developments however, a glimmer of hope has arisen – the cap placed over the leak seems to be capturing at least some of the oil rushing into the Gulf.

This will be a daily update until the leak is stopped or BP no longer exists.  Whichever happens first.

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