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More Fossil Fuel Mishaps

Just a couple more  examples of why fossil fuels are dangerous and outdated:

– A gas well exploded today in West Virginia, badly burning seven workers.

A gas line in Texas exploded today, killing three people.  Ten more people are still missing.

So, just to recap:  in the first six months of 2010, we’ve had deadly coal mining disasters in West Virginia and Kentucky;  a deadly and unbelievably horrific oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico; a deadly natural gas explosion in Texas and a near-fatal natural gas explosion in West Virginia.  Call me crazy, but isn’t it time to give up carbon-based fossil fuels?  You never hear about solar panels blowing up or wind turbines ravaging the ecosystem of an entire region.  I’m also pretty sure that no one has to die in order to make bio-diesel, or similar “green” fuels.

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