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BP Oil Disaster Day 52

Well, it appears BP’s stock isn’t doing so well.  At first, I was happy about this, but it’s awful hard to clean up an ocean when you’re broke.  So, I hope BP has just enough money to clean up this mess, then the company can go under.  But only after the oil is cleaned up.

Curiously, many journalists hoping to document the spill have been turned away from public land by BP, which comes as no surprise, but also by local law enforcement, the Coast Guard, and government officials.  I understand why BP would try to restrict access to the spill, because that’s Public Relations 101.  But I can’t fathom why members of the media would be turned away by law enforcement, the Coast Guard, or other government officials.  It’s very difficult to report the truth when you’re not given access to it.  Maybe that’s the whole idea.

This will be a daily update until the leak stops or BP no longer exists.  Whichever happens first.

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