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BP Oil Disaster-Day 57

On the 57th day of BP’s bungling:

  • BP’s containment efforts have been halted by a bolt of lightning.  Seriously.
  • Gulf cleanup workers are coming down with a mysterious illness being termed Toxicant-Induced Loss of Tolerance.  Basically, household items that never physically bothered these folks before now bother them.
  • Cuba is now preparing itself for the oil’s arrival.  The gift that keeps on giving.
  • Despite this tremendous disaster, Exxon is letting us know there’s nothing to worry about with offshore drilling:
  • This devastating chain of events is far from the industry norm. We all need to understand what occurred on this occasion that did not occur at the 14,000 other deepwater wells that have been successfully drilled around the world.
  • Everyone feel reassured?  Of course, had they written this two months ago then they could have told us not to worry about 14,000 +1 oil wells which have been drilled.  Unfortunately, that one just happened to burst and is still leaking oil all over the Gulf destroying the environment and the lives of many individuals who make their money off of the ocean and tourism.  But hey, there’s still 14,000 others operating juuusssttt fine.  Hey Exxon…..fuck you

This will be a daily update until the leak is stopped or BP no longer exists, whichever happens first…

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