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Just Sayin’-June 15, 2010

Andrew Sullivan on The Tea Party:

I confess to staying baffled by this whole movement. I spent many years wailing about spending under Bush, and the Tea Party was largely silent. I’d like to see serious cuts in entitlements, means-testing of social security benefits, and sharp reductions in military spending … to avoid the default that could one day come when we least expect it. The Tea Party has proposed no such entitlement cuts – let alone defense. Because taxation is historically low, and because we’re never realistically going to tackle the debt without more revenues, I also favor some tax increases – on carbon, and on consumption. The Tea Party is opposed to any new taxation. So at that point, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to respond. Do I share a generalized frustration with a government that takes away half my earnings every year? Yes. Does an intervention to ease a huge market collapse drive me nuts? Sorry, but: no. Neither does a modest attempt to provide some subsidies to help millions get access to affordable healthcare at a time of extreme economic insecurity. Call me a Marxist, I guess. But I have yet to see anything in Obama’s first eighteen months to convince me of a need for conservative rage.

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One thought on “Just Sayin’-June 15, 2010

  1. James S. on said:

    I have to agree with him. You know, if you really look at his policies, Obama is actually pretty moderate. My only problem with him is that he isn’t liberal enough. This hyperbolic conservative rage doesn’t make any sense. The tea baggers can’t even articulate why they are angry. They always say things like “we’re losing the country,” or “the government is spending too much,” or “the government has too much power.” I wonder if they’re aware that Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II all increased the size and power of the federal government. And if they’re so concerned about the deficit, then why don’t they applaud Bill Clinton, since we had a budget surplus when he left office. They constantly bitch about the deficit, but they are vehemently opposed to any tax increases that may reduce it. They constantly contradict themselves and seem to be violently allergic to any type of logic. Tea baggers shouldn’t even be allowed to drive automobiles or procreate, much less vote.

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