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Someone Please End this Match

Two people you have never heard of are currently in the midst of a 10 hour tennis match at Wimbledon.  I say “in the midst” because their match has now been suspended until tomorrow.  That will make the third day that American John Isner and Frenchman Nicolas Mahut have been stuck playing each other in the same match.  They are tied 59-59 in the final set.  And I’m supposed to be impressed that this is the longest match in tennis history?!  I’m not impressed.  It’s retarded.  Get a tiebreaker system, English.  You’re going to make these bastards play until someone wins by two full games.  They could play forever.  Quitting is not respected in sports, but around hour 9 I could understand saying “fuck it.”  After all, it is the first round!!

I’m sure defenders of this ridiculous policy would argue it is “tradition.”  These would be the same morons who argue against instant replay “because machines shouldn’t determine outcomes.”  Retarded traditions should not be traditions.  Whoever survives this “longest match of all time” tomorrow then has to play their next match later the same day. Think they’re going to make it through that one?  Most sports figured out effective overtime systems a long time ago.   Even golf, another sport that wields the large club of “tradition”, has figured out efficient ways to break ties (except for the U.S. Open which absurdly forces players to play another full round).

Of course, few people even know Wimbledon has started, so none of this really matters.  WORLD CUP BABY!!! OMG! USA USA!!!

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