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Jay Leno Still Not Funny

A look at the latest ratings:

In plain English, that means that no matter how you measure it, Jay Leno is performing worse as the host of “The Tonight Show” than Conan O’Brien did. And Leno doesn’t even have the disadvantage of having Leno as a lead-in. Although I wouldn’t put that idea past NBC.

I rarely watch late night anymore (other than Jon Stewart/Colbert), but there has never been any question that Conan is far funnier than Leno.  Frankly, it says a lot about a person if they find Leno to be funny in any way.

[via Warming Glow via The Daily Dish]

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11 thoughts on “Jay Leno Still Not Funny

  1. James S. on said:

    I agree. In my opinion, Jay Leno is the worst of all the late night talk show fellas. I don’t know anyone who thinks he’s funny. And it’s not a question of age either, because I think David Letterman is way, way funnier than Jay Leno.

  2. Zackary P on said:

    Will someone please tell me what is, was or ever has been Jay Leno’s appeal?

    • James S. on said:

      I’m guessing it’s the fact that he wears denim on denim every single chance he gets. Or the chin, perhaps.

    • He finds funny headlines and reads them to his audience. It’s absolutely hilarious. You may have heard of it. I believe it’s cleverly entitled “Headlines.”

      • Big Al on said:

        You think reading stupid headlines is funny. You are a fucking moron.

      • With your complete inability to understand sarcasm, I would say that you, sir, are the fucking moron.

      • Big Al on said:

        Without seeing your face “fartface” how would I know that you are using sarcasm. All we have to go on are your words and you seemed serious. Actually, I still think you are serious and were not exhibiting sarcasm. This is just a ploy so you can save “fartface.” In conclusion, how can I put this politely – I know: fuck you, you moron.

      • Brilliant

  3. James S. on said:


  4. Johnny was the Best!! Leno and Letterman are the worst!!

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