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U.S. v. Ghana World Cup Preview

With everyone in American totally into the World Cup and this Saturday’s match against Ghana, I thought we needed a preview.  As I am far from a soccer expert, I decided to turn to soccer expert Shane Oliver.  After all, he did play soccer in high school (as seen above).  Here’s his insight:

The only thing that is going to really be against the US is the lack of support. Some believe that we are the underdog in this match, I disagree. You’re going to have 10’s of thousands Africans cheering on the only African team left in the tournament. That combined with so many others’ hatred for the US will make it a tough environment. Ghana will be quicker than the US, but overall I believe the US is better and Ghana will not capitalize on finishing chances. The US will play harder (though at times it may not look like it). Ghana did beat the US in 2006 I believe.

If the US can score an early goal, I believe this game is over sooner rather than later. It seems like we’re always playing from behind and eventually it’s not going to pay off.

There you have it.  Not actually a prediction, but I’m pretty sure he thinks we’ll win.  USA! USA!

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