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How bout that global warming?

Do you remember this past winter when the idiot horde claimed that the major snowstorms on the east coast proved once and for all that global warming was a hoax?  So does the hottest January-June on record now prove that global warming is real?  I’m confused.

Truth is, it was ridiculous to claim that a snowstorm during the winter proved global warming was a hoax in the same way it would be ridiculous to claim that this one heat wave during the summer proves global warming is reality.  The difference is that realists have scientific data and trends on their side.  The other side has snow in the winter.  I’ll go with science on this one.

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One thought on “How bout that global warming?

  1. James S. on said:

    I totally agree with you. I’ve read a lot about this topic and what most people don’t seem to understand about Global Warming is that it is really Global Climate Change. It’s only called Global Warming because the net effect on the entire planet is an average increase in air and water temperature.

    Despite the fact that the overall average temperature of the earth is on the rise, some places may actually get colder. It is also likely that some arid regions will become wetter while many wet regions may become drier; cold areas may become much warmer as many hot weather locations cool down, etc. Altough some of these local changes will certainly happen, the overall effect is that the entire planet as a whole is heating up – this is a fact, no matter how cold it was in your town this winter.

    At this point, it is difficult to predict exaclty what changes will occur at any given point on the earth, but what is certain is that long established world-wide weather patterns will change. These changes will certainly affect food production, housing, water access and quality, ecosystem stabililty, and many other important aspects of human civilization. This, in turn, could easlily lead to more war, famine, and disease througout the globe. That is why Global Warming is so dangerous. People that think it’s a hoax just because they had a cold, snowy winter need to read a book, or several of them – because the issue is significantly more complex they they believe.

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