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Love the Anger. Love it!!

Richard Lawson on intentionally seeking out things to piss him off:

In these misery times, there is so much awful news coming at us from every direction every hour of every day that it seems insane that I would deliberately seek out internet content — political content, mostly — for the sole purpose of it getting me angry or upset. But I do! All the time. And it’s not in some sort of strategic “know your enemy” kind of way. Because my enemy isn’t really the foaming all-capser who types NOT ADAM AND STEVE!!! on World Net Daily. Yes, in a big zoomed-out sense, sure, they are the faceless orcs who aim to control my life. But in the actual, immediate world, reading their internet comments has nothing to do with figuring out my opponent’s position. No, I just like to get mad. I guess it makes me feel alive?

YES!!!  I could not have said this any better.  I do this all the time.  You would think that I would intentionally avoid trying to piss myself off on the internet, but I can’t resist.  I like to claim that it’s because I want to read both sides of an argument, but the commenters at,, or really any website do not form actual arguments.  Most of the posts are more in the realm of “Barack Hussein ruined my freedom.  Take America back.  Israel!!!,” which is obviously insane, but I can not resist.  It’s not just political coverage either.  The words “Favre” and “retirement” said together make me want to punch kittens, but I’ll turn on ESPN knowing that I’ll hear those words 10 times a day just so I can then bitch about it to no one in particular.  It’s like I need something to strongly disagree with or I become emotionally unstable.  Or maybe the fact that I seek out anger makes me emotionally unstable to begin with.  What the fuck is wrong with me????  I’ll just continue to believe that everyone does this.

[via Gawker]

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One thought on “Love the Anger. Love it!!

  1. James S. on said:

    I do the same thing. I’m mad all the time. I know being constatly pissed off is very detrimental to my health, but I just can’t help myself. I used to worry about my constant state of rage, but in the past few years I’ve come to not only embrace it, but to celebrate it. I honestly don’t see how any sane person could possibly live in this world and not be angry. Fuck it, I’m proud to be a misanthrope.

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