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Solution to the Bar Tab Problem

If it’s beyond 9 pm, paying a bar tab is a pain in the ass.  You have to fight the other patrons at the bar for the bartenders attention.  The bartender is always less interested in getting your bar tab than getting that drunk chick another beer, because, well, you’re leaving so why should they give a shit.  If you’ve been served by a waiter/waitress at the bar, you’ll likely have to wait even longer.  Those people are ALWAYS slow.  Plus, there’s always the possibility that you are so shit faced that you simply forget to pay the tab at all, leaving your credit card at the bar in the process.  This is all a pain in the ass.

Well there appears to a be a pretty cool solution (and a useful and cool use of an iPhone) which allows you to pay a bar tab straight from your phone.  You never have to hand over a credit card and you never have to ask for a tab.  It’s all there on your phone.  Push a couple buttons and you’re paid and good to go.  Unfortunately, this is only available in a few places, but there’s no doubt that eventually something similar will happen everywhere and in more places than just bars.  No more waiting for that 16 year old kid at Applebee’s to bring me my overpriced bill for overvalued chicken tenders.  Ah, can not wait for that day.

[via Gizmodo]

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One thought on “Solution to the Bar Tab Problem

  1. James S. on said:

    I usually hate technology because I feel that it often doesn’t really improve anything and that it is typically only a marketing gimmick. However, this is one instance in which I think technology is actually figthing the good fight, because there are few things more annoying than having to wait forever to pay a bar tab (although I suppose you could just carry cash, but that is a discussion for another time). Now, if they could just develop some sort of technology so I wouldn’t have to wait 20 minutes for the whore behind the bar to get me another over-priced Guinness – that would be real progress.

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