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I Miss The 1990’s

Here’s a little gem from that underrated decade:

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3 thoughts on “I Miss The 1990’s

  1. James S. on said:

    *** By the way, I know the album was released in 1989 and that they performed this song live throughout the last half of the 1980’s, but I remember hearing it in the early 1990’s and I’ll always perceive it as being a 90’s song. I know it’s technically inaccurate, but what can i say, perception is reality. ***

  2. I love this video.
    “So where do you wanna set this thing?”

    “Eh, how about a mountain/desert that we’ll tint purple throughout the entire video?”


    • James S. on said:

      I think it’s pretty funny that the lead singer, Ian Brown, is just wearing an oversized t-shirt and jeans for a music video. I’m no rock star, but I used to rock the same look everyday in the 7th grade.

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