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You Gotta Love the Gallagher Brothers

I’m a pretty huge fan of both Pearl Jam and Oasis.  And although I love Eddie Vedder and I agree with him 98% of the time, he used to be a little insufferabe at times.  Here’s what Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis had to say about him following the tragic death of Kurt Cobain.  Enjoy. (The Eddie Vedder comments appear at about 0:40.)

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4 thoughts on “You Gotta Love the Gallagher Brothers

  1. And take one of the Spin Doctors with ya

  2. I suppose I generally like Oasis’ music, but how long do you think they would have been relevant had they not had their whole schtick of being cranky brits. We’re probably talking about a one album band at that point, right?

    • James S. on said:

      Well, the feuding brother/surly British thing certainly helped them out from a publicity standpoint, but I honestly think they’re a great band. In my opinion, their first album, Definitely Maybe, is even better than the admittedly classic (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? As for the rest of their albums, they’re generally pretty decent, at least from what I’ve heard of them anyways; there are some really good songs on those albums, but there are also some dogs. I honestly don’t really know why their popularity in the U. S. faltered.

      In that respect, they actually remind me a little bit of Pearl Jam. Each band’s first two albums were amazing and really popular with the public. Their subsequent albums, while not exactly classics, were respectable, but the popularity of both bands declined, despite the fact that both bands still have a huge almost cult-like following. Between the two bands, I’d choose Pearl Jam every day of the week and twice on Sunday, but I think Oasis is a great band; a bit one-dimensional maybe, but still great.

  3. I just never felt that Oasis was ever “really about the music.” They were a good band, but never really wanted to be a great band, in my opinion. Self sabotage IMHO

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