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Glenn Beck is Bat Shit Crazy

In case you didn’t know, Glenn Beck is holding some sort of rally this Saturday, August 28 in order to “take the country back.”  Take the country back?  From whom?  I can only assume that he means he wants to take the country away from the democratically elected Obama Administration and return it to it’s rightful owners, at least in his mind,  the Republicans.  (I know Glenn Beck is officially registered to vote as an Independent, but if you believe for a second that he doesn’t just vote a straight Republican ticket you’re an idiot.)  Now, although I despise almost every conceivable facet of Glenn Beck, he does have the right to hold a rally and to speak his mind.  Glenn Beck is  a jackass, and jackasses tend to congregate just like other groups of folk.  I don’t really have a problem with this stupid publicity stunt, except for the fact that it will take place on August 28 in front of the  Lincoln Memorial.  

If that date and location seems familiar to you, it’s because it is the exact same date and location of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech 47 years ago.  The fact that Glenn Beck chose this time and place for his rally means either:  A.)  he feels that he is somehow on par with Martin Luther King; or B.) he was ignorant of  when and where the “I Have a Dream” speech took place.  In either case, he’s a fucking moron.  I know he has repeatedly said that he honestly didn’t know he was scheduling his rally on the same date and location of MLK’s speech, but I don’t believe this for one second.  He claims that this was just a convenient time and place for him.  I call BULLSHIT.

The fact is, that this hyperbolic prima donna honestly feels that he is a leader on par with the likes of MLK or Ghandi.  He is neither a leader, nor is he in any way comparable to MLK or Ghandi.  He’s got more in common with a money-grubbing televangelist, a shady used car salesman, or a mentally ill homeless street prophet than a great leader.  Fuck Glenn Beck and fuck those hordes of mindless zombies stupid enough to follow him.  I can only hope that tomorrow, a crevasse will open up and swallow Glenn Beck and all of the racist, xenophobic, tea-partying assholes in attendance.  Go to Hell Glenn Beck, and take Lady Gaga with you.

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One thought on “Glenn Beck is Bat Shit Crazy

  1. Great post. I honestly cannot believe that people don’t see through that man’s bullshit. You think he gives a fuck about West Virginia and the working class? You think these rich, opinionated, angry, white, “newsmen” live the Christian way that they preach? You think before Glenn Beck became “a man of the people” that’d he’d be the type of guy to help you change a flat tire or let you out in traffic? Fuck no. He’d be the asshole beeping the horn at you or sideswiping you b/c he’s on the phone.

    It’s politics, American Idol style – all production, no substance.

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