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Hipsters Ruin Basketball Jerseys

Over the past few weeks, Deadspin has been taken a critical look at the recent fad of hipsters wearing “ironic” basketball jerseys in a series entitled “Look at this Fucking Hoopster.”  It’s definitely worth checking out simply to see the sadness of those who have likely never thrown a ball of any kind, let alone played a sport, wearing sports apparel simply because they find it “ironic” in some way.  What remains to be seen is how white people pretending to be black people by wearing oversize NBA jerseys will feel about this.  Also, I guess this means I can never wear my Tim Hardaway Warriors jersey again.  As if his hatred of gay people wasn’t enough.  Thanks…fucking hipsters.

[Photo galleries courtesy of Deadspin here, here, and here]

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2 thoughts on “Hipsters Ruin Basketball Jerseys

  1. Aaron B. on said:

    fucking hipsters. it’s so funny that those clowns spend so much time trying to be different by all being the same…. doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

  2. James S. on said:

    Well said.

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