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So What Would You Cut??

2009 tax receipt for someone making roughly 35k per year:

So, “constantly bitching about taxes” guy, what would you cut?  Conservatives bitch quite a bit about funding for the arts, but is that $.24 a year crippling?  I’m sure the $46 to “them foreigners” pisses a lot of people off, but improving the world has never troubled me.  Obviously the $287 for the national debt is frustrating, but not likely to improve anytime soon.  The funding for health care research frankly seems a bit low.  I could do without the $229.17 for unnecessary wars though.

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One thought on “So What Would You Cut??

  1. James S. on said:

    I can’t stand people who bitch about taxes, but I guess that should come as no surprise since I’m a God-less, communist heathen.

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