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I Think I’m Not a Baseball Fan Anymore

Baseball is boring

Only baseball is conducive to sleeping in the stands. Unless you're passed out, of course.

The World Series ended last night.  The San Francisco Giants apparently won in 5 games.  I didn’t watch a second of it.  This isn’t a case where I wanted to watch but was too busy with school, or work, or sleep.  I just didn’t care.  I was unaware that the game was even being played until the update was given during Monday Night Football.  I think I don’t care about baseball anymore.

I know, I know.  It’s “America’s pastime” and Babe Ruth, and “daddy and I played catch,” and blah, blah, blah.  But, can anyone still call it “America’s pastime” with a straight face?  If you surveyed people under the age of 40, how many would claim baseball as their favorite sport?  10 percent?  20?  On Sunday, a regular season game between the Saints and the Pittsburgh “Our QB is Really Not a Rapist……We Promise!’ Steelers had higher ratings than the World Series game being played the same night.  I never gave a thought to switching to the baseball game.  Apparently, I wasn’t alone.

I used to love baseball.  Going to Reds games with my dad is one of the better childhood memories I have.  Who wouldn’t remember fondly the days of Christopher Andrew Sabo and the “Nasty Boys”?  I still have a definite fondness for the Reds, and was genuinely excited that they made the playoffs after 15 years of atrocities; but I did not watch a single regular season game.  Not one second.  I checked the standings and stats from time to time, but found myself constantly wondering “who the hell is this guy?,”  and “why is Scott Rolen still playing baseball?”  I had no concept of who was good (other than Votto) or whether the Reds were legitimately better than other teams in their division.  I had no way of relating anything to anything else.  These are not the characteristics of someone who loves a sport.  Hell, I’m probably stretching by even calling myself a Reds fan at this point, even though I will continue to do so and you will not stop me.

Maybe it’s time to confess that I just don’t like baseball anymore.  There’s only so much time in the day to follow a sport and I give that time to the NBA, the NFL, and WVU football/basketball.  Sorry, America.  I’m moving on from baseball.  Judging by the ratings, I’m not the only one.

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3 thoughts on “I Think I’m Not a Baseball Fan Anymore

  1. James S. on said:

    I don’t really get into baseball like I used to either. When I was a kid, and even as a teenager, I watched every single Yankee game that I could. I checked the stats in the newspaper every day, and I watched every highlight on Sports Center and Baseball Tonight. I used to be much more of a baseball fan, but I also used to be much more into the NFL and the NBA. Nowadays, I only care about college football and college basketball, and even those sports don’t really thrill me anymore.

    I think I lost my interest for several reasons, and these reasons apply to all pro sports, not just MLB: 1.) most players change teams constantly, so it’s difficult for teams to establish a real personality or identity; 2.) there are also far too many teams in all pro sports leagues, and this causes the talent pool to be diluted, so most modern teams are mediocre compared to teams from 20-30 years ago; 3.) it’s too expensive to attend games these days, unless of course you want to sit in the bleachers surrounded by drunken buffoons; 4.) I’m smarter than 98% of professional athletes – it’s hard for me to cheer for a man who probably couldn’t pass high school algebra, yet he makes millions of dollars playing a game that most people play for free; 5.) pro-athletes are so overexposed now that I can’t even stand to see them anywhere – they’re on TV, in movies, in countless commercials and magazine ads, and they market themselves almost as shamelessly as rappers. For these reasons and many more, pro-sports in general leave me flat. And unless college football switches to a playoff system, it’s headed on the same track. The NCAA tournament is still cool – or at least it will be until they expand it to 1200 teams.

    • Haha. I think your comment is longer than my post. Fair points though, although I barely have any interest in college football outside of WVU. To the point where I honestly do not know who is #1. College sports are just pro sports that pretend they are not. At least you know pro athletes are rich and possibly dumb so u just enjoy the game. College sports still have all the pretensions that these kids (a) don’t get paid; and (b) actually learn anything in college. Then on top of that u have people trying to convince me that Boise state university is one of the five best teams and that this is the year Notre Dame is back. No and no.

      • James S. on said:

        I totally agree with you about college sports. Everyone knows that the term “student athlete” is mostly horseshit; you can really only apply it to the students who play unpopular sports. But as far as college football and basketball go, the term should be changed to “pot dealer who plays cornerback for a major university,” or “future felon point guard,” etc.

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