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Let’s Have a Look at These Sarah Palin “Qualifications”

Conservatives4Palin, a group apparently made up of crazies, has listed the “10 Qualifications Sarah Palin Has Over Five Recent Presidents.”  From a comedic standpoint, it’s almost too good to be true.  Let’s jump right in:

Qualification #1:  Ten Years in Municipal Government

Laughable quote:

For all their heroics in state legislatures, governorships, and the hallowed halls of Harvard, Yale and the Naval Academy, none of the five presidents pictured above spent so much as one day in municipal government.

These people sincerely believe that Palin’s time as mayor of the “Meth Capital of Alaska” is somehow more of a qualification for President of the United States than serving in state legislatures, governorships, or in the Naval Academy.  Just let that sink in for a second.  Insane.  And this is her #1 qualification.

Qualification #2:  Ten Years Volunteer Work in the Parent Teacher Association (their hyphenations, not mine)

According to PTA’s website, the organization is made up of roughly 5 million members.  Palin is at least as qualified as 5 million other people; so that’s good.

When I was young, I was convinced that PTA meetings were a place where my mom and teachers got together to discuss ways in which to make school even more unbearable.  I still blame them for the ill-fated “milk in bags” experiment.  Who knew they were actually just taking a “Let’s be President of the United States” prep course?  I have a whole new appreciation for my mom.  Thanks, Conservatives4Palin!!

Qualification #3:  Two years pro-life advocacy.

The support for this qualification seems to be that Palin has given several speeches in which she took a pro-life stance.  But if she’s so pro-life, wouldn’t she have more than two years of pro-life advocacy?  Two years seems a little lazy.  I mean:  wasn’t George W. Bush pro-life?  He was POTUS for eight years, so he had at least eight years of pro-life advocacy, right?  Better get with it Palin.  You’ve got a lot of pro-life advocating to do.

Qualification #4:  One Year as an oil and gas commissioner

Really?!!! Let’s just move on.  I’m getting tired and this is getting embarrassing.

Qualification #5:  Two and a half years governing the largest state in America.

Largest. State. Ever.  This entire argument is premised on the assumption that it is somehow more difficult to govern an empty uninhabited land mass than it is is to govern the two most populated states in the country (California and Texas).  If Sarah Palin was the only human being alive she could proclaim herself Supreme Leader of Empty Earth, but would the task of governing really be that difficult?  There would be no people.  People make the entire idea of governing necessary.  The more people, the more governing required.  No one actually argues that the Prime Minister of Greenland is the most qualified man in the world because he presides over the least densely populated country.  That would be insane.  This is insane.

Oh, and she quit halfway through one term…

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Have a Look at These Sarah Palin “Qualifications”

  1. I gotta tell you this is one hilarious blog post. However, don’t get too complacent. As I just blogged today, I would not write her off.

  2. I want her to run. It will make life easier for us…on the left.

    Go Sarah Go! You’re a Mama Grizzly! Get ’em grrl!

  3. William W on said:

    I don’t think you do justice to your argument if you just leave #4 blank…

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