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ESPN Just Doesn’t Get it and Penn State Student Protestors are Idiots

Joe Paterno is a man who failed to do what he should have to stop the sexual assault of children. It doesn’t matter that he’s a legendary football coach. It doesn’t matter how many games he has won. It doesn’t matter how good of a person ESPN’s college football analysts thought him to be.  So why does ESPN keep showing me his head coaching achievements? They show them because that’s what they know. They know coaching achievements. They know statistics. They know Penn State plays Nebraska this weekend and that Penn State will now have a new coach. What they seemingly fail to realize is that none of those things are important right now.

Watch a segment of ESPN today and tell me how many times Jerry Sandusky-a man who has been indicted for the sexual assault of minors-is mentioned. As much as ESPN wants this story to be about Penn State football and Joe Paterno, it’s not. It’s about Jerry Sandusky, the terrible crimes he committed, the victims who were preyed upon, and the others involved, including Joe Paterno, who failed in their responsibility to put a stop to it.

This leads into the delusion that many Penn State students seem to be experiencing right now. Joe Paterno was once a good football coach. He has more wins than any other coach in football history. He was also informed that his long time defensive coordinator was caught anal raping a ten year old boy in the Penn State locker room shower and failed to report it to the proper authorities. He more than deserved to be fired. He should have been fired the minute the grand jury report (warning: very graphic) was released. Any Penn State student who ran into the streets to protest the firing of this man should be eternally ashamed. Every one of them should be made to read the grand jury report out loud and then provide an argument as to why Joe Paterno should be allowed to hold any authoritative position. I imagine we would have a few less rioters in the streets of State College, Pennsylvania.

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