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When Campaigns Die: Rick Perry and Herman Cain

Over the past week we have seen two campaigns for the Republican nomination for POTUS end before our very eyes. First, Rick Perry:

It’s bad enough that someone running for President would so cavalierly promise to disband the Department of Education, but to then simply forget his own asinine talking point is embarrassing for all involved. You can tell Ron Paul was ashamed to be on the same stage, and Ron Paul has a lot to be ashamed about.

Next, Herman Cain:

This man knows nothing about a war that was taking place while he was campaigning. This worse than Perry’s gaffe, because while Perry had a public speaking meltdown, Cain simply shows complete ignorance of a war that only recently ended. He wasn’t asked for a dissertation on the War of 1812. Although I imagine his answer would have been, “Was that the one in 1812?”

Both of these individuals have found themselves leading the Republican field at various times. A significant portion of Republican primary voters have considered both of these men, at one point or another, as qualified to be President of the United States of America. Your 2011 Republican Party, folks.

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