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So Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorists Actually Exist? We’ve All Failed.

Willy Wonka Sandy HookI realize that there are lunatics who believe in conspiracies of all shapes and sizes. The moon landing was filmed in a studio in someone’s back yard. Everyone, and I mean everyone, shot J.F.K. Bush organized 9/11. Obama was born on a foreign planet or Kenya. Examples of lunacy are not hard to find. But, the Sandy Hook massacre? Come on, people.

For a conspiracy to have legs, there must be a real reason that the conspiracy would be carried out in the first place. So, the government organized an operation with multiple shooters to EXECUTE 20 ELEMENTARY SCHOOLCHILDREN in Connecticut. For what? So Obama could propose universal background checks and ban assault weapons? Really? Obama, or someone in the government, conducted a black ops mission to KILL CHILDREN so that assault weapons could be banned and more people would have to get background checks? Seems kinda extreme considering President Clinton was able to pass an assault weapons ban in the 1990’s without KILLING CHILDREN.

And that doesn’t even get into all of the other problems with this theory. If the United States government had concocted this plan to ban assault weapons BY KILLING CHILDREN, they would have to bring in a lot of folks in on the conspiracy, including all of the news organizations, all of the parents, all of the school employees, all of the local law enforcement, etc. If mistakes in news coverage are used as part of the basis for these theories, then these organizations must have really failed in the cover-up responsibilities. I bet Obama is pissed that everyone didn’t play their parts exactly how they were rehearsed on the mock Sandy Hook stage erected in his Kenya mystery bunker.

Your theories are so believable.

Your theories are so believable.

Oh, and then there’s Adam Lanza. I know when I first saw a photo of him, I thought “definitely a part of the United States black ops program.” I mean it’s obvious that he was born to play a critical role in KILLING CHILDREN so that someone couldn’t buy an assault rifle at Wal-Mart. I mean, so obvious. Am I right?

Bottom line: if you believe in this, you are an idiot. You should be shunned. Sure, you watched a video put together by a random person somewhere that looked mighty convincing, but you also have a brain. Let’s try putting it to use.

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