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The Official Avengers Trailer Has Me Little Kid Excited

Am I excited about this? Of course I am excited about this. Samuel L. is obviously just playing Samuel L. again, but I can get past that. Most of the other actors are fantastic. Scarlett is kinda meh but she is also so, SO fine.

That’s it. Carry on.

How many of these films can you name?

[Alien Loves Predator]

Aniston to reprise role of Rachel Green…again

Will someone please off Jennifer Aniston already?  Is it just me or has she played the character of Rachel Green in every role she’s ever gotten?  Does Rachel Green have a devoted cult following at the box office or something?  My brain tells me that’s a ludicrous notion, but I guess that could explain why she continues to get movie roles for continually reprising the character of Ross Geller’s on again off again love interest in new, albeit generic, romantic comedies every year (like the most recent waste of time, “The Switch” with Jason Bateman).  Maybe the movie makers know the train wreck of a romantic comedy they cast her in will get at least a few bodies in the theaters, even if those bodies are single women still caught up in the whole “Team Aniston” thing, you know, hostile women who are committed to supporting Aniston because they believe they have something in common with her since the big breakup scandal that took place between Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt…seemingly decades ago.  Get over it, white women!

Or maybe she’s just sleeping her way into these roles?  I mean, she does have a pretty good body for her age.  And her nose job is still one of the best plastic surgery successes in the biz (apart from maybe Ashlee Simpson…oops, did I let the cat out of the bag?).

But really, before too long Aniston will probably be forced to pull a Meg Ryan and do full frontal nudity,  because, Read more…

The Worst Movie Ever (Probably)

I’m not usually one of those people who can intentionally watch a terrible movie just to make fun of it.  Only on very rare occasions will I sit through a horrible film just so I can mock anyone remotely involved with it, but that is exactly what I did about a week or two ago.  The atrocious movie of which I speak is Rhinestone, starring Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton.  If you’re unfamiliar with this holocaust of a movie, and I bet you are,  then let me give you the gist: it’s a comedy about a country music star (Parton) who tries to make a country music star out of a New York cab driver (Stallone).  I don’t want to spoil this epic masterpiece, but for reasons that you’ll have to watch the film to discover,  Parton’s character persuades Stallone’s character to accompany her to the family farm in Tennessee so she can really educate him about country music.  Hilarity does not ensue. Read more…

The Case for Lonesome Dove

This isn’t a movie review.  There are plenty of those out there.  This is me trying to convince you to spend six hours in the next week, or month, watching one of the greatest, most epic, movies of all time.  And before you say, it’s too long and it’s a western…  lemme tell ya, it’s not a western in the John Wayne or Clint Eastwood tradition, and by the time you finish it, you may find yourself wanting more.

Augustus "Gus" McCrae and the Captain, Woodrow F. Call

Read more…

What Makes a Movie Infinitely Rewatchable?

Super Troopers definitely infinitely watchable

Chicago Now’s generally well put together list of the “101 Most Rewatchable Movies” has me thinking about the infinitely rewatchable movie.  These are the movies that go beyond being simply rewatchable to the point that you can watch them on a near endless loop.  This doesn’t mean that they are necessarily better or even “good” movies.  In fact, the opposite is often true.  Think Super Troopers. Can be (and has been) watched on a near endless loop but not one of the greatest movies of all time.  On the other hand take The Godfather which is undoubtedly one of the greatest movies of all time and definitely rewatchable to a point, but you could never watch it on an endless loop.  You feel too exhausted when its over, and if you’re hungover, forget even making it all the way through.  Not so with the permanently rewatchable.  Being hungover may even be an advantage.  Here’s my criteria for an infinitely rewatchable movie: Read more…

Afternoon Delight-May 6, 2010

Star Wars in 2 minutes w/Legos:

It’s All About Taste

Last week, Roger Ebert reignited the age old “what is art?” debate with his post entitled, “Video Games Can Never Be Art.”  Of course, many in the video game community disagreed with his premise.  What I found most interesting was Ebert’s definition of art as it relates to Plato’s definition of art as “the imitation of nature”:

My notion is that it grows better the more it improves or alters nature through a passage through what we might call the artist’s soul, or vision. Countless artists have drawn countless nudes. They are all working from nature. Some of there paintings are masterpieces, most are very bad indeed. How do we tell the difference? We know. It is a matter, yes, of taste.

I completely agree with Ebert’s assertion that we know the difference between the great and well, not great.  Read more…

My Useless Opinion: Kick-Ass Review

“Okay you c**ts. Lets see what you can do now.”

Judging by the box office numbers, I am one of the few people who saw Kick-Ass on its opening weekend.  The movie made less than $20 million and finished behind an instructional video on dragons.  This is unfortunate, because Kick-Ass was the most fun I’ve had at a theater in a LONG time, maybe since The Dark Knight. Read more…

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