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First Impression: Norah Jones New Album is Strange…and Good

Little Broken Hearts by Norah Jones
Released April 30, 2012

***Norah Jones came out with a new album last week. I’m listening to it for the first time while writing this post, so don’t expect any kind of in-depth review. This is really just my first impression. Here we go…

1. “Good Morning

Well, her voice is obviously still amazing. This is an extremely mellow song which fits perfectly with today’s hangover. Basically, I’m digging this.

2. “Say Goodbye

I love Spotify but words can’t express how much I hate their ads. Anyway, to the song. Appears that we’re kicking this song off with a little reggae vibe. It’s weird and I kinda hate reggae, so I’m not too sure about this one. Instead, lets turn our attention to how hot Norah Jones looks on the album cover. It makes me think of that Janet Jackson album cover with the guy holding her boobs. That was hot. This song kinda sucks.

3. “Little Broken Hearts

This one’s better. Has a dark sound to it. This album is really not what I expected though. I expect Norah Jones albums to come with a lot of piano and sexy singing. The piano seems to have vanished. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Read more…

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