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New Pearl Jam. I’ll always take new Pearl Jam. The song’s called “Sirens.” On first listen I wasn’t a huge fan, but it’s growing on me.

Song I Secretly Love: INXS’ “Never Tear us Apart”

That’s right…

Da’Sean Butler’s Children’s Book

What in the hell is this about?

R.I.P. Paste Magazine

Yet somehow Rolling Stone survives:

You Gotta Love the Gallagher Brothers

I’m a pretty huge fan of both Pearl Jam and Oasis.  And although I love Eddie Vedder and I agree with him 98% of the time, he used to be a little insufferabe at times.  Here’s what Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis had to say about him following the tragic death of Kurt Cobain.  Enjoy. (The Eddie Vedder comments appear at about 0:40.)

The Best Sports Celebration Ever

Since T.O. and Ochocinco are now on the same team, they might have a chance to top this celebration by an Icelandic soccer team, but it will be tough.  Check out this awesome celebration.

Why is Jon Stewart trying to look like a jazz drummer?

Not a good look for Mr. Stewart:

Proof That God Does Not Exist


Is it just me, or does Shaun White look like the love-child of Robert Plant and Walker Texas Ranger?

Song you should know – July 12, 2010

“Pharaoh, my Pharaoh, the devil is real,
He’s in my Camaro, he’s got his teeth on the wheel,
Mile on mile, field after field,
Skyline and silo,
The devil is real.”

The Duke and the King, “The Devil is Real”

Could the oil leak actually get worse???

While I have been following the BP oil disaster closely, I have also been working under the assumption that the worst of the disaster was behind us.  I would have never thought it possible that things could get nightmarishly (word?) worse, but that was before I read this extensively cited and sourced comment at The Oil Drum.  Some fellow named “dougr” argues that the well pipes below the sea floor are already broken and leaking.  So, what does that mean?  Read for yourself: Read more…

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